The Story of our First Date

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Have I ever told you about my first date with my husband?  I don’t think I have :).  Not in any kind of depth anyway…

I had a group of friends that did a thing back in 2009 called “Dinner Club”.  We’d choose restaurants around that weren’t chains, and we’d get dressed up and go to dinner.  We generally steered toward the fancy restaurants because who doesn’t like to see your man in a suit, lol.  I’m sorry, put a man in a tux, a suit, or a uniform and their hotness jumps a few levels :). haha.

A few days prior I had to give my RSVP to the group if I was coming or not.  I’d been debating on asking my hubby to go with me but… I felt bad because he said all he wore was blue jeans and t-shirts and I would require him to dress up so I debated and almost didn’t ask him to go with me.

So the night I finally got the courage up to ask he asked me to go with him that same night to a local rodeo.  Dang!  I love rodeo’s, but I also enjoyed going to Dinner Club.  So just after he asked me I told him I already had plans and you could hear his spirits drop.  I was like, but wait, I was going to ask you to go with me.  But we can go to yours instead because if you went to mine, you wouldn’t know anyone (like I’d know anyone if I went with him, but maybe) and you’d have to dress up.

Haha, he agreed and then he went shopping. :).

So the day of our date I just about tossed my cookies a few times with nerves.  I was afraid to see him again.  I was afraid he wouldn’t like me.  I was afraid I’d be late (I drove, he left the top down on his car the night before and it rained).  Let’s just say, I WAS NERVOUS!

I don’t remember the drive to Springfield.  I made it in supposedly record time.  He said I sped all the way, I don’t agree, but I don’t remember the drive either.  We had an hour to kill in Springfield so I drove him around showing him where I lived when I went to college, I showed him the “art” in this guys front yard… we just drove around.  Heck I even showed him the route I took to the dorms when I lived there.  Yes, I need a life.

We went to dinner, it was ok.  Then Evelyn got the idea that we should go to the mall.  I tested my limits/waters to see what he’d say if I said yes.  Evelyn’s husband Kalem threw more of a fit about going to the mall than my hubby did.  I thought ok, so it’s a first date, he’s trying to impress.

Then we parted way with Kalem, Evelyn, Jason & Josh at the Mall and left for my friend Jamie & Brian’s.  While there, we were sitting on a couch.  Actually he was sitting at one end, I was laying across with my head at the other, my feet in his lap.  Jamie’s daughter and her friend came up and started tickling me and I started flailing my arms/legs and that’s when it happened….  I accidentally kicked him in the nuts.  (sorry I said nuts, twice)  Poor guy, he keeled over in pain and I couldn’t help but giggle.

We went home around midnight that night, got to his mom’s by about 1 and stood in the driveway talking until 3am.  I had my first kiss and I went home, with plans to meet back up the next day.  Boy was this boy glutton for punishment or what!?!?

I kind of think he is because, um… he married me :).

Do you have any fun first date or dating stories about your spouse/significant other? or even a random stranger??

6 thoughts on “The Story of our First Date

  1. Ahh! You kicked him in the nuts! EXCELLENT first date story!! haha!!

    I've only really ever been on one “first date” (how sad is that?!) and we went to the movies. Superbad. Holy super awkward first date movie! Needless to say, we didn't make it very far after that. Maybe I should've kicked him in the nuts. 😉

  2. Haha on Chris's and my first date, we went for a drive in his old ford. We stopped at the casino liquor store and bought some of those single shots of whiskey in a bottle. Then we went and parked up on a mountain that has a view of the whole county. It was April 20th and we got caught in a blizzard. Then our view was blocked from a tree so Chris got out and chopped it down. It snowed so bad the sun roof started dripping on me! Anyway we just sat and talked till about 4 in the morning, and have been inseparable ever since.

  3. This is soooo cute! I'm pretty sure that we have all knocked our hubbies in the nuts a few times. It's not our fault that they aren't better protected. Haha.

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