Gem Dandy’s Pizza – Jasper, MO

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Saturday night hubby asked me if I’d have dinner with him.  Well he should have known the answer to that question, but he proceeded to ask anyway.  On our way to Jasper it started raining.  Oh it was glorious!  We wanted to jump out of the car and dance in it!

Anyway, once we got to Jasper to Gem Dandy’s Pizza it had quit.  I’ve been telling hubby for a while now we needed to go eat here.  Finally we made it!

Since he’d never eaten here I decided to let him decide what he wanted to eat.  That and I knew he’d choose what I wanted anyway :).  I’m lucky like that!

After we placed our order we went and sat down.  You get your own plates off the plate table.    While waiting for your pizza they have art all over you can look at (and purchase if you’d like).

Hey, look, do these people look familiar?  The longer we sat there, the hungrier we both got.

Pizza 1) Chicken Alfredo – Creamy Alfredo sauce, chicken, cheese & Mushrooms.
Pizza 2) Barbeque Chicken – Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Onions & Jalapenos.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie, both of these were fantastic!  We took about half of each home for breakfast Sunday morning.  Hey, what’s better than pizza for breakfast!! 🙂

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**These opinions are all my own.  They don’t know me.  Plus all pictures are mine taken with my iPhone or big camera unless otherwise stated**

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