Incredible Pizza – Springfield, MO

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Yesterday hubby, Tbug and I were invited up to Springfield to go to Incredible Pizza & then to a Springfield Cardinals Game to watch Zebra Girl’s cheer team perform before the game.  Heck yeah, we were in!!  Sounded like a great day of fun.

AL said to meet them at Incredible Pizza around 11am for lunch.  We beat them there by a few minutes.  In fact, they were just opening when we got there.

Since my birthday is tomorrow and I’m feeling particularly old lately, I asked hubby if he thought I could get the Senior’s Discount.  He and Tbug looked at me like I was nuts.  Hey, it was worth a shot, right?

We noticed when we entered that if you’d check in on facebook you could spin the wheel.  I’m not big on checking in, however, Tbug really wanted to spin so I checked in and let her spin for me.  Zebra Girl and Waldy plus hubby all got to spin.

They have so much to eat.  It is buffet style.  There were salads, puddings, potatoes, nachos, pizza, Chinese, hamburgers, and much more.  Plus there was even dessert.

We were excited to see that they could do things for people with allergies.  Sadly, the “flour” they use was rice flour which AL is allergic to Rice so she wasn’t able to partake, but they were good with all of her other allergies.  Such a great start anyway!!

This fountain machine is just awesome.  It’s all touch screen.  You could also add flavorings such as orange, cherry, vanilla, and a few others.

Just a few plates of options 🙂

Now, this place also has a gaming center.  There are all kinds of games for toddlers to adults.  There was ice ball, bowling, hoops, pull this and win tickets, racing games, bumper cars, go karts, and even Laser tag.    The first game we played, we did guys vs girls.  Sad to say, boys won.  Oh well.  JT was actually the highest scoring individual of the first game.  Waldy wound up as the highest scoring individual for the last game.  We played 3 games together.

This just so happens to be how my toenail polish looked under the black lights… lol

With every round we played, we had a name on our laser gun.  Once we took the vests off, we went out and checked our scores.  Sadly you can’t see them real well in this photo.

Silly girl!

Divergirl met us there.  We had her check in on facebook, she went and spun the wheel and was able to join in on our last laser tag adventure.

Just before we left, the kiddos wanted a snack and of course so did the adults 😉 so we went back and grabbed a bite to eat and the fire alarm went off 3 times.  JT heard that they had a small fire that was quickly put out in the kitchen.  Woops.

And then the girls :).  They wanted to do the photo strips and I happened to have $3 left on my card so I let them use it for their photo strips.

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