How we spent our 1st Anniversary Part 2

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Now, this is REALLY how we spent our first anniversary :).  Ok so the other was what we did too, but still!

So we had to meet the Trolly to be picked up by the statue of Duke Kahanamoku, The Father of Surfing

And the Trolly took us down to the docks so we could get on the boat, to… get this… Parasail!  We went through X-Treme Parasail – Oahu.  My dad parasailed when they went to Maui in 2009, but when we were planning this trip, somehow it came up that my 79-year-old grandma wanted to.  Well of course Hubs and I were all for it so dad agreed to go up with grandma, hubby and I were going and mom was an observer.


This is the boat we rode on.


When you get on the boat they equip you with life jackets and then as you get closer to your turn they hook you up in the harness.  There are 2 guys on the boat, the Harness guy and the driver.  Ours were both a riot!


Since dad was the only one on the boat who had parasailed before, he and grandma got to be the first to go.



It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was awesome!  I really thought the boat zoomed around with you, but as long as there are winds to hold you up the boat pretty much just trolled.  One of the websites I read said you had to weigh 175lbs to be able to go up by yourself.  On our boat though, no one went up alone.  In fact, there were 4 Japanese girls that all went up together.


Kissing in air 1000 feet from the boat!



Not to long after this we got dunked and then taken back up in the air.  It sure was cold then!


Haha, yup, all smiles from me!

One of the other groups that went up asked if hubby would take some photos of them with their camera and of course, he said yes.  Now with us, we take a bunch of photos sometimes to make sure you get one or two that are at least good… LOL.  When they got back and looked at the photos hubby took they were like, Those are good 🙂

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Simple, Do go parasailing!!!
  • Don’t be an observer in the boat, I guess unless you are afraid of heights, but it was awesome up there!

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  1. Wow! What a fun experience! Great photos…love the kissing up in the sky one 🙂 You guys are so cute…happy belated 1st anniversary!

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