I'm THAT Girl…

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How cute is this, I saw it over at Living a Barefoot and Crazy Lifestyle and thought I might as well join in too.

PS isn’t the quilt my grandma made us gorgeous?

I’m THAT Girl who…
…doesn’t wash my hair everyday.  If I do… Wowza!  (Hey you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell)
…gets excited because my hair will now go up in a ponytail!!
…donated my hair now twice and both times have said I won’t do it again, but knowing me I will…
…calls it pop, not soda.  Hey blame it on my Hillbilly Accent!
…loves to be grammatically correct and if I don’t correct you, I am correcting you in my head.  I can’t help it, my moms that way and I’m sure that’s where I got it.
…loves the heat!  I’d much rather be hot than cold.
…loves to sleep covered up.
…loves to take photos of everything.  I want to be a better photographer so any chance helps.
…loves her husband unconditionally!
…feels like my hair is a mess if I leave it curly even though I get compliments.
…sometimes has better luck with my husbands shampoo than any of mine.
…got thrown into being a mom (step) and has lots of things to learn, but do my best and learn from my mistakes.
…really doesn’t like chocolate but every once in a great while don’t mind chocolate milk, chocolate milkshakes or Nestle Crunch candy bars.
…really didn’t like her digital camera (first in 2002) until 2005 when I went to NYC.  Now I LOVE digital and can’t stand film cameras.
…LOVES living in the country but loves the bright lights and architecture of the big cities.
…has wanted to always live in a big city just for a couple years to experience the different culture, especially all the markets (especially food markets!).
…Always wanted to go to CIA (Culinary Institute of America) but couldn’t see spending that much money to learn to be a chef.

0 thoughts on “I'm THAT Girl…

  1. Love reading posts like these! Might have to stow this idea and do one like this on my blog too! 🙂

  2. It will always be pop to me! Everyone out here calls it soda and people get really excited when they notice I say pop. It's the little things like that that make living far from home a little easier and more familiar!

  3. Iowans call it 'pop' as well!
    Really? You don't like chocolate like it's a food group? Wow. As I sit here eating a PB Reese's Cup Cupcake. 🙂
    Culinary School…..check out a local community college. I know of a couple of CCs that have culinary schools. I always say that if I ever have to go back to school, that's what it would be for. Or, some places have adult education classes that are offered in the evenings. How do I know these things? It's my job.

  4. Don't wash my hair every day either. Who has time for that?

    It's called Pop. Period.

    I am a grammar Nazi! My mother taught me well.

    I will eat any chocolate you don't. 🙂

    I used to all about film. Film is best. No to the digital camera. Film? Who needs film? I love my digital camera!

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