Why do I blog?

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if you know where I found this, please let me know so I can credit it!

I would be lying if I said that sometimes I feel down, I guess you could say when I don’t get many comments.  I know it is stupid and I shouldn’t be writing for the comments, but sometimes I love the feedback.  The comments bring a smile to my face.  And I love when I can email the person back and tell them a little more about something (ie the bed) or I can say thank you (pretty much a lot of of them), I love to impart wisdom (haha),   Sometimes I actually like to impart actual wisdom (like nutrition class stuff) and of course funny stories are great (there’s a restaurant, or the infamous farting photo) sometimes I vent (like about my car speaker), and we all know I obviously love to cook (duh look here), etc.

I’m real.  I’m honest.  I’m me.

I read blogs and I see they have big numbers of followers and sometimes I feel down on my blog.  I wonder what I can do to get increased numbers.  I wonder what I can do to make people want to read what I write about.  I know I follow more blogs than the number who actually follow me and I definitely comment on more than comment on mine.  Then I wonder, why?  What am I doing wrong?

Then I think about 2 things… the loyal fan base (haha does that make you groupies?) I do have and I ask myself why do you write anyway?

I write some of this to remember things.  I write some because, well it’s funny.  I write some because I have an aunt who reads.  I write because I have a heavy heart.  I write because I have exciting news.  I write some of it because I just love to write.

I wish I could say I was like a lot of you and I got the reading bug when I was younger, but it didn’t really hit me until the first summer out of college (2005).  Yeah I have a lot of catching up to do with you guys!  Janet Evanovich and the Stephanie Plum series is what did it for me.  I’ve been hooked since!

But I have always loved to write.  I’ve had numerous journals, tried to write short stories and even took a short story writing class in college.  If you were to ask me what I truly want to be… my answer would be an author.  I want to write books.  I just haven’t quite figured out how to get there… yet.  But remember my quote I stumbled across a while back (found here)

“If it is possible I will do it .  If it is impossible, it will take me a little longer.”

I truthfully believe that quote.

In fact, I went to college the first time with the pursuit of an Agriculture Journalist degree, but then immediately changed to Agriculture Education because I figured I’d have a wider background in more areas.  But I did take the Ag. Journalist class in college.

See Writing is my passion I guess.  So some days I get down about few or even no comments, but I remember I do have my loyal readers and someday… someday I’ll be big… and you can all say you knew me when I was whining about no comments… LOL 🙂

I sincerely want to say Thank you!  I love you all 🙂  Now I’ll quite whining and no I don’t want any cheese with my whine!


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  1. I am totally a groupie…ha ha! I know what you mean you have over double the followers that I have and sometimes it gets me thinking why I don't have more followers. But honestly, now, I don't care. Sure I love having followers but I don't want to become one of those blogs that people only follow just because they have giveaways. I want to write about me and if people don't want to follow because they can't win something then o.k! I love reading your blog hunny! xo

  2. I will jump on the groupie train too…LOL
    I agree – I don't have big numbers but at least I know who my readers are – even the silent ones that I know read but never comment!

  3. I am a reader!!! I just have the added benefit of being able to comment in person! 😉 I love you with all my heart angel! and if writing is what you want to do then we better get crackin!!!! I am behind you 110% let me know how I can help!! I will do everything in my power to get you where you want to be! I know we have ups and like any couple we also have our downs. For the downs I am sorry, I am definatly not perfect. For the ups it is my lifes mission to make them more frequent and be there for every one of them!! I love you with all my heart. Remember just because people don't comment doesn't mean they don't read!!!!

    Have a GREAT morning and I'll see you at lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I read you more often than I comment. I'm lazy. Sometimes I don't know what to say because I'm just tired or preoccupied, or… I know I love comments too and feel bad when I don't get very many. I write for social interaction, for therapy, and because I'm mouthy and think everyone will relish my ideas–haha! Sometimes I just want to bitch and rave. I think successful professional writers are a blend of talented and lucky. I've given up my dream of writing the great American novel. Maybe it'll work out for you. If not, you always have us.

  5. I just have to say, I love how fast your reply back to my comments! I know I don't always reply back right away. I usually get distracted somewhere along the way.. ha! 🙂

    Anyway, just keep being yourself. I know we like getting alot of comments.. but I don't think I'd want to get as many as like PW.. there is no way she could keep up with all of them, much less reply back to people!

  6. I've been blogging for 6 years now. I've had my ups and downs with comments too. The best thing I can tell you is you gotta get out and mingle and leave comments on other people's blogs. develope “freindships”. You do have loyal readers but you always have to “shmoove the room”.

    So many people try to be Dooce or The Pioneer Woman and not be themselves. That's a fail. You are good that you stick to who you are and keep it real.

    I started blogging to vent and then it turned into me telling stories of my life. The good and bad. I try to put a funny spin on whatever it is.
    I'm not for every one but that's okay.
    I don't want people to follow me just to follow me, I want readers and comments. So I mingle by linking up and have developed “friendships”. Some of those friendships I hold dearly to my heart. I truly love those ladies. Many have stopped blogging but they are friends with me on Facebook and we've met in person and swapped gifts and rag each other about our favorite sports teams.
    and NOW, that's why I blog. To Vent, to write my life's story, and to make lasting friendships.

  7. Big numbers, followers and comments don't always make a blog good. Some of my favorite blogs have less than 50 followers and I kinda like it that way! It feels like I know some secret fabulous blogger 😉

  8. I graduated with an AgEd degree as well {in addition to Ag Studies and Extension Education)! Am I using it? Nope. 🙂
    I have had the same thoughts as you. But then I think…I don't know if I'd want a huge fan base. Sure, it would be fun. I started this blog for when both of my sisters were across both of the big ponds. 🙂

  9. I absolutely LOVE your blog. I know I don't show it because I seem to be *always* behind in reading… like I'm two weeks late in reading this. SORRY! I LOVE your blog. I don't know what has happened but I have been so down that I haven't been reading my favorite blogs… or writing for my own… I suck! I really need to snap out of it. Sometimes I feel like since I put photos in my blog posts that I can't just write something… so then I create new “signs” so I have them for the slideshow… I need to not worry about “having a ton to say” and just write what comes to mind.

    For what it's worth… I don't get many comments… usually you and maybe one other person. It is a *downer*. I get “a lot” (70ish) unique pageviews. I'm happy with that… would like 500+ but I guess people are just bored with my site.

    I'm sorry I have been so absent… I know I suck.

    Take care and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! 😀
    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

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