The Cake Disaster

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So here’s a good one for ya….

As you know today is Easter. Well last night Tbug and I decided to make a cake for Easter supper. Let’s just say we had…. fun…..

The cake we decided to make was The Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake recipe. All was going well with the actual cake. All the measurements, all the pouring, mixing, etc.  Now let me paint a picture for you….

My laptop was sitting on the stove because well that’s where it wound up. We were working on the counter next to the stove with the mixer. Once the cake was in the oven we cleared off the counter top and then started on the icing. So we dumped the powdered sugar in the mixer, the cream cheese, the butter, the vanilla, then I told Tbug to lower her head, meaning the mixer head and she bowed her head.

Right there I should have known something was about to happen… I mean hardly ever do we cook in the kitchen without something weird happening anyway. So… I cracked up laughing. Then we moved on and I told her the mixer head, lower the mixer head. So she pulls it down and I told her to put it on the lowest setting (which if you don’t know is stir). That’s when it happened…..

We had Powdered sugar EVERYWHERE.

It was in her hair, in my hair, on my house shoes, on the counter top, all over the mixer, my arm, Tbug’s arm, Tbug’s apron, my apron, the stove top, my laptop, it was even in the air so when we were talking we were all tasting powdered sugar. Just imagine a HUGE powdered sugar storm blowing in.

And I’d like to point out that hubby was sitting in the kitchen watching the whole thing and there are absolutely NO pictures what-so-ever. Every time something like this happens when really it would be hilarious to have pictures, there is no camera around. So anyway you just have to use your imagination. I’ll let you know later how the cake tasted… as obviously we haven’t eaten it yet….

Happy Easter!

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