Head in the Clouds

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Hubby and I had a gift certificate to use, so Saturday around 3:45pm we looked at each other and said, what plans do you have?  I don’t have any what do you have?  I don’t have any.  Wanna go use the gift certificate.  Hey sure why not.

Yup that’s how our conversation went.  We also wanted to go to the Camera store, but of course it is only open until 5.  We had to get dressed and then drive there, if we’d make it, it would have been like 15 minutes to spare.  Just so you know, I took us to the wrong part of town and we didn’t make it.  Woops, guess we’ll have to try again another day :(.

Anyway as we were driving I was just looking at the beautiful clouds.  It’s been a very hot and dry summer here in SW MO and clouds have been pretty non-existent too.  After we got those rain showers last week we’ve noticed a few more clouds in the sky, but look how pretty these clouds are.  I was in awe!  And I’m not even sure my photos do the clouds justice at all!

Oh and I have always loved the Charolais bull on top of the house.  (yes it is a statue not a real bull)

But just look at those clouds!  And you probably can’t see it in this picture but the white water tower that is kind of right above the mirror…

Here’s a little better shot.  I didn’t have my telephoto lens on, just my 18-55mm.

But that water tower is where I did my student teaching, get this, 6 years ago.  OMG, seriously, 6 years ago.  Dang I’m getting old :(.

Ok back to looking at the clouds now.

They were all just so mesmerizing!

It looked like any minute they’d just descend down upon us.  They looked so close.

And they’d stuck around pretty well all day long.

Oh well, here’s to day dream in the clouds down I-44… LOL 🙂  finally Missouri had some beautiful skies to share 😉

Happy Thursday!

0 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds

  1. I love clouds too!!! That's another thing we have in common (1. We both won THE award; 2. We're both each other's followers – now!)
    Followin' ya back, neighbor!

  2. I love how open it is by you. You'd have to drive 3hrs outside our area before you left the suburbs & hit open views like that w/o buildings in the way. So pretty!

  3. You know, I think I must have taken clouds for granted. I never knew that there are areas of the country that don't have many playful clouds! So many times, the clouds bring much needed relief from the sun.
    Now, are you one that tries to find different shapes and things in the clouds? 🙂

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