Throwback Thursday – Food Edition

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I’m a sucker for good food. Case in point… last fall I had a class called Research Methods. We wrote a paper over Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock mock-epic poem. If you want to read my paper, I’ll share… it’s only like 26 pages long.

Anyway… last spring I took a class called Writing for the Profession where we had to edit that paper. I spent 2 semesters on that paper.

This fall some of the kids (ha listen to me, two of them are older than me….) my classmates that were in my WFTP class asked if I wanted to present my paper at a conference with them. I’ve read their papers… I don’t feel like mine is that good, they all say the same thing. They told me the conference is next Spring and it’s a panel. Would I be interested. They got my attention when they said it would be held in a ritzy haunted hotel and there would be excellent cuisine. I asked what I needed to do for them. ha! They had me at food. I’ve since given them the information they needed and now we wait to see if we’re accepted. I jokingly say I want to be a public speaker (I suck at speaking in large crowds).

Anyway, last Thursday hubby and Jared were cooking smoked Meatloaf for Dive Club Meeting. Hello Yum!

That’s what we had for dinner. The thing was, I came to the shop and met them around lunchtime when I got out of class. So what’s for lunch? So glad you asked!

We went to the Eagle Drive In. Hello yum! If you want a good burger, I can vouch it was good!

I debated getting the Elk burger, but decided instead to go for the Burger of the Month… The World Series Burger aka the Royal with Cheese Double Bacon Cheeseburger. The Royal because hello, the KC Royals won the world series. No, I don’t follow baseball but that’s still pretty exciting!

This thing was friggin ginormous!

First off, those fries. Holy yum. That’s all. The burger, I joked I couldn’t get it in my mouth, I have a big mouth though so no problemo. Yes, I said it… you can laugh. Um… just looking at this burger makes me want to go back, just saying! But I’ve always liked a good burger! You add Bacon to it and cheese and I’m sold.

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