365 – March – Photos 182-212

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182/365 – Baby snuggles, they’re the best, especially on a snow day! btw, I’m halfway through… 182.5 is halfway… well I’m at 182 and there is no half a picture!

183/365 – Bring on “Writing for the Profession” I’m ready for you.

184/365 – I may have taken my Christmas tree down, but the mistletoe is still up and has been since Christmas 2010. Hey we like kisses at our house 🙂 Don’t judge! There are 4 bunches up (used to be 5 but one got taken down 🙁 )

185/365 – He looks like he’s in the command center… lol 🙁 I’ve been sick today so I’m going back to bed. Night all!

186/365 – Always there guarding my parents house. He’s become such a good dog for just showing up!!

187/365 – So many choices….

188/365 – Cousins

189/365 – Girlys spending time watching some Hallmark movie together. Well for as long as Squirmy girl lasted anyway…

190/365 – I got some sad news about a friend from college tonight. I came home and hugged my family a little tighter.

191/365 – There is light at the end of the tunnel! I’m so used to camping out in the library and by the time I go to class it’s dark. This is an unexpected change that caught my attention!

192/365 – I’ve been waiting for this day for weeks! And Miss Abug had a blast!!!

193/365 – Just doing a little light reading, that’s all.

194/365 – I’m sick on Friday the 13th…

195/365 – Getting to ride KG with daddy at the Cowboy Trade & Play Day

196/365 – That hair!

197/365 – Monkey butt!

198/365 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

199/365 – Sporting my new kicks thanks to GranDeb and Shaye

200/365 – Baby meets baby. Our first foal of the season hit the ground tonight!!

201/365 – Happy first day of Spring! Ended the evening with fun, friends and a beautiful sunset!

202/365 – Not only our first time to a Buffalo sale but our first time to a sale barn. We had fun!!

203/365 – When Tbug found out Horse Fest was going on, she asked if we could go. We already had plans but seldom does she ask so of course we said yup and away we went.

204/365 – A bit late, but going through photos of my little Leprechaun

205/365 – I’m being studious… or procrastinating… you decide! Hey I needed a picture for today….

206/365 – Look at the fun pasta!! Easter is just a week and a half away… Wait how did that happen? This week we’re a quarter of the way through the year!

207/365 – 9 months old TODAY! How in the world?

208/365 – Spent the day studying… oy!

209/365 – Such cute little feet. My aunt says they look like momma’s. I’ll take what I can get!

210/365 – Wouldn’t you have fun cracking a confetti egg over your son’s head? Don’t worry I cracked one over his momma’s 🙂 (my Sister In Law, it’s all good!)

211/365 – I’m so glad squirrelly girly gets to hang out with her great grandma on Monday’s!

212/365 – If I could write in Middle English I would so put this in Middle English. I can apparently read it… and if I can’t… by the end of this book I will be able to… supposedly…

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