Heart in the Clouds

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So how about let’s be totally Random on Friday?  Sounds good to me anyway 🙂

1.  Do you notice what’s in this picture?  (hint: The title gives it away)

Do you see it?  It’s to the upper left side….

2.  If you are a full time farmer, seeing skies like this probably have you torn.  On the one hand it would be GREAT for your crop to get the moisture, but… if you have hay on the ground, you don’t want it getting wet.  Decisions, Decisions!

3.  Audrey really doesn’t care either.  But she likes to go!

4.  I threw this one in there just for the halibut :)… haha get the play on words?  It’s a flat fish and it kept me from saying Hell of it… woops I said it anyway, darn!

5.  Here was a mini-photo shoot that we did the end of July.  We’re talking MINI!  So mini in fact that I think there were less than 15 photos.  That’s nothing for my norm!  We were just waiting on my aunt to get dressed so she could take us into her clinic to work that day.

6.  There really hasn’t been much going on around here but I didn’t figure you guys wanted a recipe, so instead I thought I’d throw some photos your way 🙂  Yup, that’s how exciting it has been around here lately.  Oh well… like I stated the other day, sometimes the calm is good!  Although usually it’s known as the calm before the storm, so I’m a little worried!

7.  I’ve had a lot thrown at me the last few weeks and there are still a lot of uncertainties so I’m a little uneasy.  Human nature is to like things the “same” and I’m not sure it’ll be that way for much longer.  I can’t really go into much depth here just now, but we’ll see as the next few weeks progress.

8.  Does anyone want to come work for me for a couple days so that I can have a vacation?  I’m so in need of one!

9.  So I’m a very symmetrical person… I’m going to go out on a limb here and end on an odd number, see what happens…. Think I’ll survive?  Dunno, we’ll know come my next blog post!

Happy Friday!

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday

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