Hey It's Friday!

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1.  First and foremost:

I’m not one who is real big on April Fool’s Day or the jokes behind them but still I wanted to wish you one :).  I’ll be good… LOL… I can’t vouch for anyone else!

2.  I absolutely LOVE {please get the sarcasm} dumb people.  Ok maybe I shouldn’t call them dumb, but when they ask you to do something that is your job, that you do on a continuous basis and you tell them what you need to complete the task but they come back and say oh you should already have that and fight you on it… THEN try to go over your head to get around you because obviously you are WRONG and the person over your head tells them the EXACT. SAME. THING. Hello people!  You’d save a whole lot of time and man hours to just do as you were requested the first time.

Ok done venting….

3.  So I think our weather is confused!  First off I don’t think March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb… and secondly… 40’s yesterday, 60’s today, 80’s by Sunday and someone told me a possibility of snow showers the first part of next week.  I sure hope they were pulling my leg (April Fool’s Day) because Weather.com doesn’t show that….  It shows 60’s next week… Oh well I live in Missouri, don’t like the weather, wait 30 minutes and it’ll change.  Also we’re the Show Me State so I’m waiting for it to Show Me (and no that isn’t a challenge!!)

4.  Speaking of Show Me, when my husband and I started dating I said that to him so much that he gave me a T-shirt that said something about Missouri & the Show Me State.  I think it’s still lost at my parents house.  Probably got mixed in with their clothes 🙁

5.  I’m torn between if I want to learn Italian (dunno why), French (why not), or Greek.  Now my great grandfather was full Greek.  He came to this country with his brothers to make a better life for themselves.  Someday I’ll go to Greece, even if I’m 90 and can’t hear… LOL… but It would be great to know the language!  Luckily I have a while until I’m 90 but every day I get closer and closer! 🙂

6.  Have you ever listened to how people talk now days?  In high school my friend used to always say:

I know, Right

I used to kind of laugh.  I don’t know why… but the funny thing is the joke’s on me.  I say it all the time now :(.  So Urban Dictionary defines it as: A way to express the concept of “yes” if you are not quite articulate enough to say that mighty imposing word.

7.  So a friend baled me out yesterday and had an extra pair of work-out clothes with her so I was able to go to Zumba yesterday.  I took them home, washed them and left them on my bed this morning as opposed to bringing them back to her.  I blame that on still being tired when I left for work!

happy thursday Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry that made me giggle!

8.  So Wednesday night or should I say Thursday morning about 3am my dog started whining.  I figured she was just whining to be whining.  Nope turns out she needed to go outside so I got to clean up the mess yesterday morning.  Ok no big deal, partially my fault b/c I didn’t get up to check on her.  I woke up at 5am this morning to the same whining.  I decided to learn from my mistakes so the girls (both dogs) immediately went out.  

9.  Believing in yourself is an endless destination.  Believing you have failed is the end of your journey.  As long as you are pursuing and working toward your dream, you are a SUCCESS.  The pace is determined by you.



Hey a Girl can dream right?  LOL… It must be the thought of warm weather this weekend!!!

0 thoughts on “Hey It's Friday!

  1. Weather is so weird.. we're hitting 97 tomorrow and Sunday.
    And Monday its 67. But that is pretty typical for our part of the world.

  2. Haha this is so funny! I'm from OK and the weather was just as crazy! I also say “I know, right?” all. the. time. 🙂

  3. Girl you are all over the place today! I LOVE that happiness fairy, too cute!

    The Youngun and I say I know…..right? All…THE….TIME!

  4. The weatherman had ICE on our forecast for next week. Of course they still had the temp at 70! Duh!

    My saying is “whatever”. Horrible, I know!

  5. I totally wanna learn Italian and French! I agree with JoJo, French is sexy!

    And I'm guilty of saying “I know, right” ALL. THE. TIME. :-/

  6. Was your weekend warm? I had a good friend who is Greek…I have lost contact with her…she knew some words, but not very much.

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