One Year Ago… XIV

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I woke up Saturday night of the party tired. I was awake until late the night before and of course, so anxious for the party that night that I was wide awake at 7 am. Go figure… Saturday = sleep in but not when you are excited!

That morning I ran to town with my mom (as you can see, a Saturday morning ritual) and then we headed home around noon. My dad was bailing hay so I went down to the hayfield to see if he needed any help and to take him lunch. I rode around in the tractor with him for a while until he realized he needed something at the house. He tried to tell me where it was but I told him he’d be better off leaving me to bale hay and him run back to the house to get it. So I started making the rounds in the field when my cell phone went off. I idled the tractor down and jumped off running yelling, “Hold On I can’t hear you.” (Yeah I have caller ID so I knew who was calling.)

He was just calling to make sure I was coming and telling me I could come over whenever. In fact, if I wanted to come over earlier I could. I told him I was bailing hay waiting on my dad to come back to the field but once dad was back and didn’t need my help anymore I’d probably get cleaned up and head his way.

Dad came back and I helped him [do something to the tractor I don’t remember now what] and then I rode about 2 more rounds around the field with him, just talking. He asked about the guy and what my plans were for the evening. Once we got back to where my car was sitting he told me to go ahead and bail off and head to the house and get cleaned up. He had this all under control now. I felt bad for ditching him but he insisted so I got off the tractor and headed to the house.

Since I have the world’s most stubborn hair and I figured it was pointless to wash it and try to dry and straighten it, I just washed it and put lots of gel in it to make it curly. In fact, I’d kind of told him I would just so he could see my hair was naturally curly. Then came the problem of What To Wear. Does it seem like I have this problem often? Don’t worry, I do! I finally decided on a pair of jeans, a spaghetti strap shirt that was dark green, and a greenish-yellow striped and my Ariat Fat Baby boots. I told my mom I was headed out and who knows when I’ll be back. She told me to have a good time. I jumped in my car and headed to his sister’s house.

When I got there, trucks and cars were lining the front of his sister’s house, horses all over the place, a couple of trucks & trailers, people everywhere. I felt overwhelmed to the point I sat in my car and called him. He said he was around back on a horse, just walk around the house. I told him I wasn’t getting out of my car unless he came to find me. So he rode over and got me and we walked around the house. He introduced me to everyone we passed along the way. I still can’t tell you who all I met that evening. He crawled off the horse and tied it up and walked me around back where all the food was and asked if I was hungry. I was so nervous food didn’t sound good to me so I said I was fine. He said he was starving and proceeded to eat. I think I might have munched on a couple of chips and salsa.

He was in the process of trying to sell one of his horses that night and was talking about the horse to the prospective buyers. I saw his horse Mini tied up to the tree so I untied her and crawled on. He warned me she didn’t back and if I tried she’d flip over on me. I had to try anyway. He’s right, she doesn’t back but I let loose before she flipped over :). I have grown up on the back of a horse ;).

Eventually, he decided we needed to put Mini up so he and I doubled up on her and rode her down the road to his mom’s house and unsaddled her and turned her loose in the field, went and put the saddle up in the barn and then walked back to his sister’s house. It was good because we were able to get away from all the commotion and just talk. That was one of my favorite parts of the evening.

When we got back to the house someone pulled him away to go talk about this horse, so I got stuck standing by myself. His daughter got a blanket out of his mom’s car and jumped up on the hood of the car and started using the car as a slide. I told her she might not want to do that. She proceeded to tell me she was allowed to do that so I figured okay and I walked off. When I walked around the house I found his mom so I struck up a conversation with her. At least a slightly familiar face to me so I was a little more comfortable around her. Eventually, he found me again and we walked all around talking to everyone, well more him talking, me following and getting introduced.

Then the chaos happened. A couple of their friends decided to ride horses down the road and a dog big one of the horses hind legs. They brought it back to the house and started trying to find a vet to come sew it up. Everyone was running around. It seriously was chaos.

As the sun went down more people started showing up. There was a girl there who was a drama queen and wanted all the people to pay attention to her and tried to cause a fight between a 15-year-old and a 50+-year-old man, there were drunks who went into the house and passed out, there were people getting mad at each other, there were people getting along, you name it. I really didn’t know how to handle all of this. I’ve never been one to wind up at parties.

Later in the evening, his dad came out to join in the festivities and so within 2 weeks of our first date I met both parents. Well, that’s out of the way!

Oh and the chocolate chip cookie, his mom made me a chocolate chip cookie for my birthday. It was a triple-layer big chocolate chip cookie with icing. It was delicious!

He went to hook his laptop up to the speakers to play music for everyone and it wouldn’t work so we got mine out of the car and they played music off mine. It was all his music anyway. He gave me tons of songs.

So I guess all was going well for a party, don’t have much experience there truthfully. To me, it was a little overwhelming.

His mom found him and said she was taking all the kids up to her house so they could “swim” in the hot tub. He asked her if she’d be okay and she said she’d be fine so she loaded them up in her car and headed up the road.

He wanted me to go inside and see the hardwood floor he laid for his sister so we went inside and while in there wanted me to watch a video.

And that’s when it hit. 2 girls I went to high school with were in there. For some reason I can’t even tell you to this day, this made me nervous. I hung close to his side. It made me feel invincible I guess. One of the girls I was friends with all through grade school on up through high school but we’d gone different directions and when I saw her we always spoke, the other girl however we were friends in high school but I think more because we were always at the same place at the same time. She had more of the attitude she was better than most, including me. They both saw me and I swear my feet became cemented to the floor. He looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told him I just wanted to leave. He asked why and I told him my silly reason. He kind of laughed at me but put himself between me and them when we walked into the other room. The one girl who we always spoke, she came in to say hi and ask how my parents were, the other girl ignored me like usual. Eventually, he realized I was antsy and we exited the house through the front door.

-Are you sure you’re ok?
-Yeah. B doesn’t bother me, J however, always has thought she was better than me.
-Yeah, she puts it off that way. But I look at it, she’s at my sister’s and I’m more welcome than she is.
-Yeah but this isn’t my sisters. Sounds like she’s been here more.
-Yeah but you’re with me, you outrank her. My sister only puts up with her because she comes out here.
-I don’t want to go back in there.
-That’s fine, I won’t make you.

So we proceeded to the other side of the house and opened the tailgate of his sister’s truck. I jumped up on the tailgate and we stood there for a couple of hours just talking the night away. Honestly, I preferred that, but I’ll admit I felt guilty. I took him away from the party. He told me he didn’t mind one bit.

Finally, I heard there was no more music playing. That bothered me since it was my laptop sitting out there so we went to the back of the house. Turns out someone had shut it off so we closed it down and packed it away. That’s when he decided maybe we would just leave. He’d told me to bring my swimsuit so we could relax in the hot tub later so he said maybe we should just go up there to get away from everything.

He ran in the house and told his sister that we were leaving and he’d be back to get his car later, we were taking mine up to the house. Then we piled in my car and headed up the road to his mom’s house.

We talked and relaxed in the hot tub for a good hour. I finally jumped out to see what time it was and decided I should head home, it was getting late.

My grandma and I have the same birthday and I was having the family over the next day and I needed to get home and get to bed so I could wake up and help clean my parent’s house and cook dinner. Then I asked him if he’d like to come over to the house for a bit before he had to leave to go home. He said he had to take his daughter home to her mom and then he’d be over. It would probably be around noon or so if that would be okay. I told him that would be just fine, to holler when he got close and I’d give him directions to my house.

I said good night and thanked him for inviting me and the yummy cookie that his mom made for me and sent home with me. Then I got in my car and called him while I drove home. Once home I said good night and went inside.

That’s when it hit me, I’d invited him to my house to meet my parents. OH YIKES! I jumped in the shower to wash the chlorine smell off of me and then crawled into bed and tossed and turned, wondering what they would think. This was a fairly big move on my part!

What was I going to do now…….

Remember you love me!!! To be continued 🙂


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  1. awwwwwwww. That was so sweet of his mom, she loved you right off the bat.

    Your story is adorable. You make your readers feel like we were there with you!!

    I am happy everything worked out well despite all of the drama.

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