One Year Ago… Part 29

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“Woof, woof.”
“Does someone hear a dog?”
“Woof, woof.”
“Nicole, get Morelli out of the house!”
“Mom I don’t see him. Morelli, Morelli.”

Eventually the game was over. Memaw said she would take Tbug home. PC was soon to follow. He planned on taking her home the next day. That night her mom and step-dad threw a party for her birthday and we were invited. We said we would be there.


Tbug had Cheerleading competitions every weekend starting the end of January until April that fell on our weekends to have her. Her mother suggested we trade weekends. So our next weekend to have her was the 9th, PC’s dad’s birthday. We had talked about at least taking her in to see his dad if not more when on Thursday we all found out his dad had been taken to the ER and admitted into the hospital on Wednesday night. When I got off work Thursday night I met PC and his sister at the hospital. I waited with them through their dad’s surgery to see what was wrong.

When his dad came out of surgery the doctor came out and explained that his appendix had ruptured. They removed it and cleaned everything. His dad should be back in the room within the next 30 minutes. He was in recovery right now. If we’d like to go back and wait in his room they’d be there shortly.

When we got into the room it was 7pm, nurse changing hour. The night nurse walked in, looked around and laughed. She said well normally I meet the patient first but I guess I’ll meet you guys. We all introduced ourselves and she said she’d be back with PC’s dad came in. When his dad got wheeled into the room, the nurse came back. His dad didn’t know that we’d all been introduced and started the introductions, still coming out of his anesthesia. This is my son and his fiance. PC and I looked at each other like, HUH? And the nurse said is that not right. We both grinned and said nope. After all introductions had been made and stats taken the nurse left. PC and I cracked up laughing and his dad said, “Well in my mind you guys are already married.” We all just laughed.

With his dad still in the hospital on Saturday we made arrangements for a surprise birthday party. I made and decorated the cake, his sister brought napkins and plates and both PC and his sister were responsible for calling all relatives. It worked great and we surprised him, but the bad part was his dad wasn’t allowed to eat food so we ate cake in front of him.

The rest of the month was filled with weekends with Tbug, frigid cold weather, snow snow and more snow and everything else January brings.

…. To Be Continued….

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