One Year Ago… Part IX

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The next few weeks were very similar to each other… talking on the phone, texting, talking through gtalk… You know, the getting to re-know you.

The group of friends that I made started what we referred to as Dinner club. We’d get together once a month, go to different restaurants, usually ones that weren’t chains and we’d (get this..haha) go to dinner. Some dinners were dress up, guys in suits, girls in cocktail dresses, some were more casual, but we were more about just getting together and trying new restaurants around the area. So the e-mail came out for the July invite for dinner club at a restaurant called Touche and I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to go by myself so I was torn about if I wanted to accept or not.

While on the phone talking one night, he made the comment he was coming back home for a visit. Of course that sparked some excitedness (I think I made up that word) on my part! Maybe we could get together and catch up. As the time got closer he let me know the week he was coming. (I bet you saw this coming…) It just so happened to be the weekend of Dinner Club. So I made the comment to my friend Kalem at work one day and he told me I should invite him. hmmm… me having to make the first move… I wasn’t so sure I could do that. So some other co-workers they all agreed I should invite him as well. After a couple days of pondering this, I decided I wanted to ask him. The worst that could happen was he’d say no. The bad part though was this was one of the dinners that the guys wore khaki’s and the girls nicer sun-dresses. In talking to him, his clothing wardrobe consisted of jeans and John Deere t-shirts, that means probably no khaki’s. So now I was going to be making him buy some dress pants so he could go with me. So yes, I talked myself out of this. I was back and forth so much that I was annoying not only myself but everyone around me.

The week before dinner club when I finally had to make my “reservation” I finally got myself convinced to ask him. So one night I was talking on the phone with him and I started to ask when he beat me to the punch. The weekend he was coming home he planned on going to a ranch close to here for the weekend with his sister, brother-in-law and some friends to ride horses and hang out. He mentioned me going with him and I told him I actually had plans that weekend but that I’d been pondering the idea of asking him to go with me. He asked what it was and again the guilt of possibly making him buy khaki’s kicked in and I told him nothing, I’d just go with him. He insisted I tell him so I did.

He agreed that it sounded like fun and wanted to meet some of my friends so we agreed to go to Dinner Club. He didn’t mind buying khaki’s, in fact he just might need a pair of those one of these days. And he just might need a shirt to go with those so he’d come up with something.

But we were, in deed, going to Touche.

I emailed Josh and told him to reserve 2 spots for me.

To be continued…

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