Five Problems with Social Media | Blogging 30

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I think at one point or another we’re all addicted to social media. And while there are good things about social media… there are bad things too! Yikes!

5 Problems with Social Media

  1. You lose personal touch with friends. You’re so busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ for lack of better explanation that you spend all your time in social media land instead of actually communicating with your friends verbally. Everyone wants lots of followers and at times they are just meaningless relationships. You lose out on your physical relationships.
  2. People get cocky behind a computer screen. They’ll type anything they want, especially anonymously without fear of consequences. People get flat out rude on social media. I’m not sure they would say those things to a person’s face.
  3. There are so many platforms for different social media that you have to learn this one only to learn a new one to eventually learn a new one. And while you should spend your time learning something new every day… don’t you think there are better things you could learn?
  4. They are addicting. And on top of that… they are a total waste of time. Geez.
  5. They make you feel inadequate. You spend all your time comparing yourself to other people and feeling sorry for yourself. These are just snippets of people’s lives. You have no idea what their actual life is like.

There are a lot of good reasons and things that come from social media, but there is a lot of bad too. I guess just weigh the pros and cons and go for it.

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One thought on “Five Problems with Social Media | Blogging 30

  1. I agree with you Nicole. Its addicting and a waste of time. WE KNOW IT, but we do it anyway. sigh.

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