One Year Ago… Part V

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So from Thursday to Sunday, there really wasn’t anything new that had happened. Still fighting through text messages and on the phone with very very very little phone contact. I went out to dinners with my parents and hung out with my dad all day Saturday and Sunday helping with odds and ends around the house. Saturday night I wound up going to the movies with Kalem & Evelyn just to get out of the house. I needed to. I was going nuts. Oddly enough, I’m not sure I spent that much time there in one sitting. Sunday morning felt weird b/c I didn’t jump out of bed, get dressed and head to his house or his church or anywhere for that matter. I got up from what little sleep I had and watched Friends re-runs and then went downstairs and watched some movie with my parents.

Life sure did seem strange but hey I guess that’s what happens from time to time. You learn to deal with it or else you don’t but I was, slowly but surely and truthfully it had only been what, right at a week so truthfully there isn’t a whole lot of time there, right?
Later that afternoon Kalem & Evelyn said they were going to the J’s house (Jason & Josh, easier to say the J’s) to watch Anime and eat dinner. I’m not super crazy about anime but hey I thought it was another excuse to leave the house so I told them I’d meet them there.

So you remember that awesome post about buying a laptop? It is getting ready to come into play. I hope you read up if you didn’t read the initial post 🙂

Since the J’s live in town and have awesome internet, I thought hey, why not go steal their wi-fi. It beats the dial-up internet at my parents house, that’s for sure! At home I wasn’t used to the fast internet so I had to take the baby out for a spin and see what she could do…

One of my addictions at the time was facebook. I loved it, I cherished it, I called it pet names, ok not really but I was addicted. I checked it multiple times a day (my Pantec Duo had internet) to see pictures and status updates and anything and everything there was to see about my friends. So that night I got on facebook. There was a section there where it suggested friends that you should be friends with. Well it has/had a place where you could look up collegues and old class mates. I like to know where my old classmates have gone and what they’re doing with their lives now so I thought, I’ll go through and see who they show that I might not already be friends with… I started flipping through the pages reading the names, questioning who some of them were same town, different state…. not my school.

And that’s when I saw a name that hit me odd. It was a name of a guy I had known since 7th grade. (our town had 6 grade schools and one Junior high so we all met in 7th grade) A guy that sang with me in Animal Science class when Ms. Rush pissed me off. A guy who conned me into carrying his sousaphone to and from parades and field shows because all I had to do was carry my clarinet, a guy who conned me into tying his shoes b/c he had to carry a sousaphone, a guy who I kept awake in English class, a guy who sang a song to me at Disney World in Florida that I fell in love with (Tonic, If You Could Only See), a guy who I had a crush on, a guy who my friend had a crush on, a guy who I drifted away from, a guy who I thought dropped out of high school and for all I knew fell off the face of the earth, a guy that the sheer sight of his name brought back lots of memories and feelings.

(good run on sentence huh?)

But just like up above, there were names of people that went to other schools in other towns with the same name as our town. I truly figured it was my imagination that was playing jokes on me. I truthfully didn’t believe it was him. No way could it be, or could it?

So I did the next logical thing. I hit the button that says, Friend Request. I figured, no harm, no foul. I’ll just see. In fact there are a lot of people on fb that I never have contact with except every once in a great while. I thought, well he may accept and at least I’ll find out if it is him, right?

June 28, 2009 was the change in my life I never saw coming. I went home that night still thinking about that name, wondering if he’d hit accept or not.

I was again on nights of no sleeping or finally falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion. I laid down and tossed and turned and tossed somemore. In college I heard that if you could stress your eyes out just a bit it would help you go to sleep, ie stare at a computer screen, tv, phone, something bright in the darkness so I picked up my phone and thought, well I’ll just check facebook. Maybe that’ll help me fall asleep. And there it was a notification that he had accepted my friend request. And wait, what’s that, there’s a message in my inbox, it was from………
to be continued…….

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  1. Your kidding me right?? Adding you as your blog is like a book I can't book down but I feel like someone has torn the last page out!!! Waiting patiently…… 🙂

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