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Name that movie! (…. give up?…. Coyote Ugly!) I love that movie. In fact, when I ran in one of the queen pageants I danced the Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels b/c of that movie. They actually danced on the bar to that movie. Anyway, we had our Relay for Life day here this month. I didn’t get to participate, I wasn’t on a team :(… but last year I was. We did a Ta-Ta Contest and I just thought I would share the Entries we had. There were some clever ideas and some clever names! We got one of the local quilt shops to display them for us the month before Relay. It was a $5 entry fee, then a $1 a vote. Then we displayed them at relay as well and still had the voting. During the auction during Relay, we also placed all 18 bras up for auction. We had no idea how they would do but surprisingly they sold. My favorite was a pregnant girl who brought Got Milk. Boy, you want to talk about some hysterical laughs! But for a first-time deal, we had 18 entries. Please look 🙂

1. Lucky Charms

2. Mermaid’s Delight

3. Catch the Cure

4. All That Jazz

5. Made in the U.S.A.

6. Got Milk

7. Deere to Me

8. Bling out Cancer, Schedule your Mammogram

9. Red Hot Momma

10. Pirate’s Dream, A Sunken Chest

11. All in Pink

12. Under the Big Tops

13. Mardi Gras Masquerade

14. Slam Dunk Cancer

15. Biker Babe

16. Lion Pride, Go Lions

17. Lavender Belle

18. World’s Most Beautiful People

1st Place was – Deere to Me
2nd Place was – Under The Big Tops
3rd Place was – Lion Pride, Go Lions

We raised over $600 with this fundraiser to go to cancer research. The idea was based on an email that one of our team members ran across. In South Carolina, during October they have a Traveling Bra series which are these decorated bras and for the month they travel around the state to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

It’s a cute and awesome idea and I just thought I would share ours. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a Bra contest this year but we had a lot of interest. No one just took the initiative :(. Maybe next year!

Peace, Love & Ta-Ta’s!!

6 thoughts on “Show Me Your Bra’s

  1. Those were so great! I liked the All That Jazz one, too! But I think the Slam Dunk Cancer one is so funny!

  2. This is so fun! My favorite is Lucky Charms. My aunt, who is like my second mom, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, the doc said they can remove it and she will be okay. It's still so scary though.

    Thanks for posting this!

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