Our 1st Shower

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We had our first wedding shower yesterday (on my birthday). One of my co-worker’s Nancy threw it for us. When trying to decide the date we chose my birthday because I was planning on taking off the day (so I just took off the afternoon so I could take the presents home and clean and put them away). Also come on, who doesn’t like to open presents on their birthday 🙂 (might I add this post is loaded with pictures, but what’s new :))

We have some awesome co-workers is all I have to say!

Nancy forgot her camera so I was trying to show her how to use mine (well PC’s). At this point I was taking Rachael’s picture because she was taking mine 🙂

See, here’s Rachael :). She got caught

We’re good at getting pictures of Nicole (right) with food in her mouth. haha! Theresa is on the left.

Here was our cake. It was half white, half chocolate. It was good!

Here was the cake and punch table. Nancy was laughing because the table cloth just showed up. No one fessed up to bringing the brown table cloth.

Here we are. We got to go to the front of the room.

Here was Nancy (pink shirt) telling us about the joys of marriage and the hard times we’ll have and that if we put everything in God’s hand, he has a plan and he will see us through. Then she went around the room and gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to give us advice that has or hasn’t worked. She also bought a book and passed it around and left everyone there write us messages. Later we were told we could use the book to record memories throughout life.

There’s my dad. The only picture with him in it. (he’s on the left standing up). My mom is in the blue shirt on the far right of the picture. Kalem, one of the groomsmen is standing up talking to my dad.

It’s present time.

All I can say is we have some excellent co-workers and friends!

Reading cards.

I’m a little shy when it comes to being in the “spotlight” like this. I was shaking at first. Once everyone started eating cake and talking I relaxed a little.

I would so like to know what was being said to cause that look on my face 🙂

I think we were both concentrating here 🙂

We got the Rachael ray Brown & Bubble pans. I wanted these so bad! They are awesome!

Here is our present table.

Here is a shot of everyone in attendance.
Nicole was mad we didn’t have to do a toast or drink with arms entertwined or anything like she and Ed did a year ago. I was like yeah but we’re having a real wedding you ran off. We all laughed. She was like you better do this at your wedding. I told her not to worry, we had all the stuff to do that 🙂

This is my big Boss Jim talking to us. (He is my bosses boss.)

This is how our table was decorated in front of us. Super cute!

I read on a blog you should do something nice for the people that throw you a shower. They go above and beyond to throw this for you. I thought that was a sweet idea so we put together this small Thank you gift for Nancy. What I read was to base it around “showers”. Well this was hand treatments. Also there was a small heart cup & saucer with a few little bags of tea.

Peace, Love & Great Friends!

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  1. What a nice thing for your co-workers to do! Love the book idea…you will treasure that for years to come.

  2. Awesome co-workers! Looks like a nice time (and nice gifts :D)…better start getting used to being in the spotlight, right quick…this is just a warm up for the Big Day!! 😀

    And, happy belated birthday!!!

  3. I can see we both love presents. That was a cute idea about the 'shower' gift for the shower throwers.

  4. What a lovely group of coworkers you have! 🙂 Looks like a great time! Happy belated birthday 🙂

  5. Great co-workers! Looks like they did y'all well. And you did great with the hostess gift. Happy belated birthday!

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