Fashion Blogger Don’ts and Now

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Fashion Blogger Don’ts…

Don’t shoot at night!

Don’t shoot at night with an iPhone.

Don’t leave to your husband to get good shots…. maybe. ha!  Sorry hubby, that was a knock.  I love you and thank you for taking photos of me.

This one is better, but again, not in the dark!

And sure why not.

Ok let’s move on to Now:

Making : a Blog Post
Cooking : Hubby cooked pork chops tonight
Drinking : water…
Reading: Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare… ugh!  Not by choice!
Wanting: My headache to go away and it to be Friday.
Looking: Hubby playing with kitty
Playing: Who has time… except words with friends against mom, Anne and hubby.
Wishing: I didn’t have to re-write a paper.
Enjoying: My husband’s company
Waiting: For inspiration.
Liking: Our kitty kat.  I didn’t think I was a cat person… she’s changed me.
Wondering: What the cat was doing today… My house shoes were separated from each other and Tbug’s stuffed animals were in our room.
Loving: My hubby
Hoping: We can get Snookums broke.
Needing: A date night.
Smelling: Our Scentsy burner.
Wearing: Hawaiian shirt and purple running shorts.
Following: People who make me want to be better.
Noticing: That I’m growing up.
Thinking: That I’m sleepy
Knowing: That my husband dearest loves me.
Focusing: Getting through this semester of school.
Giggling: At the Cat head butting my laptop while I’m typing.
Feeling: Defeated but on the edge of something great.

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