The Road Food

It is always fun when I’m around new people who don’t know I have a blog or didn’t know I took pictures of food. I always get strange looks. Sometimes I’m not sure what to think of those looks… but it is what it is.

Friday night while we were waiting on the bus to arrive, we decided to eat at the Denny’s at Flying J where we met the bus to load up and head for Houston. Deb knows I take pictures of food, so when I snuck this one in, she just laughed. I asked her if she felt special. She had Chicken Fried Steak and eggs.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted so finally thought, Biscuits and Gravy which came with 2 eggs any way and hashbrowns. It was just meh. Not bad, just not great, just meh.


The 36 Hour Road Trip – Go Chiefs!

Wow, now that was a 36 hour road trip.

Did you hear? The Chiefs made the Playoffs. If you didn’t hear that… THE CHIEFS MADE THE PLAYOFFS! And hubby and I got an opportunity this last weekend to go to the Playoff game in Houston Texas against the Houston Texans.

Everything worked out where we could, so we said, sure, why not! We road on a bus down with the Red Coaters. It was an invitation only bus. A red coater had to invite you onto the bus basically for you to have a seat. We just so happen to know a few of them and were invited. The bus left KC and picked 9 of us up in Joplin on their way through (saved us from having to drive to KC! yey!). They picked us up at 10:30pm Friday night bound for Houston.


Dinner and a show….

The first night we were in Ft. Worth, we got done at the show late and the only thing open was Jack in the Box. Now, that’s a fast food restaurant, we grabbed our food through the drive through and went back to the hotel. But… the funny part was more when we placed the order…

Hubby was driving and pulled up to the speaker box. We ordered 3 #5’s a #6 and a #11. The #5 was a bacon cheeseburger, Tbug, hubby and me. When hubby ordered that, that’s when the fun started. Fun you ask, what fun? The guy taking our order cussed. Not really cussed at us or cussed us out, just dropped the F-bomb, said the 4 letter S word and a couple other under his breath. We started giggling in the van.

Then hubby ordered mom’s, a regular cheeseburger and more cussing ensued. We laughed even harder. I don’t think he was meaning to be heard but oh was it funny. Then we got up to the window to pay and get our food and more of the same funny stuff happened. Every time we passed the Jack in the Box that weekend, we giggled. How could you not. Like I said, he wasn’t cussing us out, it was like we bombarded him with our order or something and it was hilarious.

Now the food… eh, it was a fast food burger. (dad ordered chicken strips.) The food was okay I guess. Nothing to write home about… the show was where it all was.


Risky’s Steakhouse at Tbug’s request

Tbug was game for anything on this trip to Ft. Worth, except she had one request… She wanted to eat at Risky’s Steakhouse. A few years ago when we came down to pick up Squirty at the horse breeder, we drove into the Stockyards so that Tbug could see the Ft. Worth Stockyards. That day we ate lunch at Risky’s Steakhouse. They had Calf fries on the menu as an appetizer. On a later venture to Risky’s Steakhouse, we learned that you could also get Calf fries as a meal. Tbug loves Calf fries so when she heard you could get them as a meal, she was sold. So she specifically asked for Risky’s Steakhouse on this trip.

When we got there, mom ordered an appetizer of Shrimp stuffed Jalapeño poppers. They were Gulf sized shrimp stuffed with cream cheese and red peppers then deep-fried to perfection. The problem was there were 5 of us and only 4 poppers. Hubby shared one with me. I mean I guess I’m not huge on shrimp anyway so….. but I did try a bite and they weren’t bad.

Abug was enjoying the rolls, plus some of my Chicken Fried Steak. Her favorite was the potatoes. (more…)

Ol’ South Pancake House and a funny story

I’m learning quickly that having a toddler around creates for some interesting stories… case in point…

Last Friday morning when we woke up, my dad asked if we wanted to go eat breakfast. So it came down to Ol’South or IHOP. We chose Ol’South. Mom got her German Pancake, dad and Tbug got Pancakes and bacon and I have no clue what hubby got. Abug got 5 silver dollar pancakes. I wasn’t hungry. So I was cutting up bites of pancakes for Abug to feed herself because that’s really the only way she’ll eat these days. She grabbed the fork just right and pancake went flying across the restaurant. It was kind of like Pretty Woman when she sent the fish thing flying and she said slippery little suckers and the guy said, happens all the time.

Sunday we met up with my aunt who lives in the area and one of her friends. Those 2 plus dad got pancakes with bacon. Mom went for the German pancake again. Abug ate my pancakes that came with my omelet and hubby and Tbug got omelets with pancakes as well.


Hoffbrau Steaks – Ft. Worth, TX

Traveling makes a person hungry and steaks in Texas are the place to have! When we pulled in to Ft. Worth, we decided to take Tbug to Hoffbrau, which was just across the street from our hotel so it was perfect, eat lunch and then check in to the hotel before heading over to Will Rogers.

We were all so hungry we decided to start with Texas Pesos. Jalapeño’s deep-fried, covered in cheese, and served with ranch dressing. I was sold! I like cheese and jalapeños and ranch dressing. In fact, looking at these pictures and thinking about them has me drooling for more… (more…)

Somedays I’m Mean (Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Ft. Worth, Texas)

Some days I get a mean bone in my body… lol. Well… I use the word mean loosely though! Let me explain. First off, did anyone notice I hadn’t been around these parts basically in over a week minus one post? Last week was finals week and then we headed to Ft. Worth for the weekend. After I turned in all my papers on Wednesday night, I didn’t touch a computer for 4 whole days because I was tired of my computer!

So anyway… I mentioned we went to Ft. Worth for the NCHA Futurity. Saturday night after the Open finals, we went to grab a bite to eat and wound up at Pappadeauxs. We ate there for the first time last year and it was good. So this year hubs wanted to go again.

He’s gotten in the habit of asking the waiter what’s the best thing on the menu when trying to decide what to order. I typically don’t eat fish, don’t care for the taste, but there wasn’t much chicken on the menu other than chicken strips. One of the things the waiter suggested was the shrimp. I decided to go for it.

These were huge shrimp stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and a sliver of jalapeño wrapped in bacon and chargrilled. I’ll do shrimp as long as they don’t taste shrimpy/fishy! These, these were good! Then I went with a loaded baked potato for the side (instead of dirty rice).

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


Pensacola Beach, Florida, TGI Friday’s at DFW, Our Trip down

I would like to say I know how it went down that we planned this trip to Pensacola Beach, but I really don’t. During last semester I kept claiming all I wanted to do was plant my ass in the sand and my feet in the water... pardon my language but last semester was challenging. And if I thought it was challenging, this semester will be even more so, but that’s besides the point. Truthfully I just tuned out and put my nose in the books. But a trip was planned to go to Florida to the beach and that’s all that matters!

Last Thursday night we went to Dive Club meeting; afterwards it was time to pick Tbug up from Cheer. My MIL came to my house to stay the night because, while I joke that I didn’t know 5am existed, we actually had to wake up around 4am to get ready and head to the airport. Sad thing is we didn’t get to sleep until almost 11pm Thursday night or later so dang, 4am came early!

Squirrel girl woke up with daddy’s alarm, she usually wakes up in a happy mood with a smile on her face, which she did this morning but she really didn’t want to wake up either. In fact it took a little convincing to get her to let us dress her.

Our flight left for DFW at 6:40 in the morning, then we had a 5 hour layover before getting to board for Pensacola International Airport.