Boones BBQ Barn – Bolivar, MO

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While I’m trying to get the words exactly right for a post on what I did last Friday (It was a fabulous day!) let’s start with where we ate and what I ate. I mean truthfully, food sometimes is a draw, right? We always joke with our Scuba Diving crew, if there’s food, they will come… Well… there might be some truth there.

Friday lead me to Bolivar, Missouri, to tour the local farming community with Missouri Women Bloggers and Missouri Farm Bureau. Rebecca from the MO Farm Bureau contacted us about touring local farms in Southwest Missouri. While we were out she chose a place for us to eat lunch, which happened to be Boones BBQ Barn in Bolivar. Then a special thanks to David Cribbs for contacting Bank of Bolivar to host us for lunch (a special thanks to them for buying our lunch! That was extremely nice and truly unexpected! Thank you!). And what better place to eat for a Farm Tour than at a BBQ Joint! Can I get an Amen?

One thing to definitely note, they only take cash or check so make sure when you come, you come prepared! and you should definitely come. It was awesome food but we’ll get to that in a minute.

When you enter, the menu is written up on chalk boards (plus don’t worry there’s a small one up where you place your order). Then you go off to the left to get your drinks (ice/cups/tea or out of the cooler for your pop bottles). Then find your seat. We had a room off to our selves so that we could chat about what we all blog about, agriculture, and an interview for the local newspaper.

This was the scene of the main room.

I went for the Missouri Cheesesteak Sandwich. It was slowcooked thin sliced top sirloin, topped with grilled onions and creamy white cheese served with a chipotle mayo and fries. I used the may to dip my fries in. Holy cow was it awesome! Like I’m not kidding. The fries were homemade/fresh cut (if they weren’t slap my face and call me Sally :)… lol). The sandwich… definitely the right choice for me! One of the other people got the same thing but with onion rings and she said they were freshly cut and battered. This food was out of this world and I’m already drooling wanting more.

So I took a picture in the bathroom. First should I tell you about my bathroom experience. oy! Sometimes you can’t take me anywhere. I didn’t realize it was a one holer, like for guys/girls so I walked into the door expecting it to open. #fail number 1. Then when I went to come out of the bathroom I had issues… it used a sliding pin hook to latch the door shut and I couldn’t get the stupid thing to let me out. #fail number 2. I swear I’ve been out and about, I don’t live my life holed up at home!

Back to this picture. Last week I mentioned that we (I use that word loosely… it’s mainly hubby, Jared & Karen, I’ve been in class every night they’ve worked on it) were working on different projects for the silent auction for Newton County Christmas for Kids. So you can see this awesome towel bar. Then second… the picture of the barn taken in the 4 seasons… I so want to find a bar and do this. Okay, moving on 🙂

Once I got out of the bathroom I was staring around the restaurant at all the different decor. This “tickled my innards” ha!

And this was our lunch experience Friday. Totally worth it!

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