Project 365 – January – Photos 123-153

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So I feel so out of the “popular” group. Why? and what does that have to do with my 365 project? Well, the reason is most everyone is starting this on January 1. I started mine September 1st. I didn’t want to wait at the point I decided I was going to do this. And……. so I started. At the end of this month I am now at —- out of 365 days of this project. I’m having fun! There are days I’ve almost forgotten to take any picture which is sad, but it eventually works itself out because I snap a real quick one if nothing else and BAM! (Thanks Emeril) I’m moving on!

123/365 – Would you guess that these were actually Oreo Cookies?

124/365 – Tbug got the boots she wanted for her birthday. Happy Birthday Tbug!!

125/365 – Picture for today… potatoes for loaded potato soup, sure why not.

126/365 – A bloggers work is never done… btw, the New Year’s Day dive post is live!!

127/365 – Icy windshields, a true sign of winter, right? And such an interesting design I might add.

128/365 – Naptime before bedtime. Makes sense, right?

129/365 – Working on 6 Month photos. This is still in the camera so you’re obviously looking at the back of the camera 🙂

130/365 – Someone likes their Christmas present that came in today!! We had to order it but it was worth the wait! Thanks AC & UB!!

131/365 – Peek-a-boo. Not long after this she fell asleep. Naps are a good thing!

132/365 – The tanks sat outside so when we took it into the heated pool area, all the tank valves frosted over.

133/365 – After the baby babbles conversation, it’s time for bed.

134/365 – Driving home to my wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl. Baby girl had to wait up for lovin’s from mommy and is now sitting in my lap helping me post this picture.

135/365 – Beautiful sunset on my drive to school

136/365 – Don’t you wish you could still put your toe in your mouth? (Secret, I can.. but I won’t!)

137/365 – What else do you need when it’s cold outside? maybe a nice fireplace or a blanket or both. Oh and can’t forget the husband and baby snuggles!

138/365 – It took all day but we finally got our nap! Grumpy baby – 0 Nap – 1

139/365- ask Dan, hubby or JT… That’s all I have to say….

140/365 – Naps before bedtime are so much better when baby snuggles are involved.

141/365 – Supper time at the MO Corral 🙂

142/365 – The beautiful sunset caught my eyes, then I noticed there is a truck that is burnt up in that field…

143/365 – It was a pigtails kind of day. In fact our 1st pigtails.

144/365- is it a camera? Is it a phone?

145/365 – Great opportunity to enjoy nice weather today!

146/365 – Went to a baby shower today for my SIL. The game was, put the paper on your head and draw a baby. Luckily I took pictures

147/365 – Everyone but the cat left me to study today. The cat enjoyed some “study” time I guess. Other than laying there, she chased my feet around under the covers.

148/365 – How on earth is my baby already 7 months old. Time, please slow down!!!

149/365 – Fun new camera straps thanks to my wonderful husband! Thank you hunny!!

150/365 – It’s pink and it’s a raccoon, need I say more?

151/365 – Day 1… wish me luck!

152/365 – I want some Grandeb!

153/365 – Today was the Extreme Sports Scuba Platinum Party! It was one heck of a party for some extremely deserving people!! Way to go!

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