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Repost from June 25, 2010

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So now we are up to Thursday of last year. I am on 5 nights without sleep or very very little. I finally started passing out from exhaustion after midnight every night but for someone who loves sleep, this definitely wasn’t enough to get me through! We are to dress up 4 days a week at the office and I’m pretty sure by this point, as long as I found clothes to wear, I didn’t care. I made it to work and I wasn’t in my pj’s.I talked to people all day long because of the constant question, “Boy you don’t look like you feel good. Are you ok?” That I swear is the dreaded question to hear!

Still can’t talk to that person on the phone, all that ends of it is yelling which leads to more sleepless nights. Text was the only possible method and you so can’t tell tone through a text message so it was bad!

To me, the world is ending or something. It’s a pretty hard feeling. Heck I dated this guy longer than a lot of marriages last… Think about that for a minute. It was almost as if we were getting a divorce however we weren’t married and we didn’t live together.

So leave it to me, in all of this, remember the iPhone I ordered. Ok so I also had a desktop PC that was really old. Well my friend Kalem had just bought a new laptop and I really liked it so what did I do… I used my non-sleep to my advantage. I started looking for laptops. Then, I found it. The laptop that was going to be mine.

While I was at work that day I sent my mom an email and told her I found a laptop I was going to buy. (I was apparently in the mood to spend money!) She asked me to send her a link so she could look at it. I also sent it to Kalem, Jason & Josh (my techy friends) to look over and tell me what they thought. They said, for me and what I do with computers, it was GREAT and really beat my desktop. So right after work I called Best Buy in my town and wouldn’t you know, they didn’t have it. My mom got the idea, let’s look and see if some of the surrounding Best Buy’s had it. We wound up driving to Rogers, AR. (1 1/2 hrs away for a silly laptop, I know, right)So now you are probably thinking, what in the world does any of that have to do with this story. Oh TRUST ME it has EVERYTHING to do with where this story is going, but again, I’m going to be mean and say…..

***To Be Continued***

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