Smoked Ribs – SND Special

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If there is one thing hubby likes to do, it is using his smoker to cook smoke meat.

The marinade is: Cabelas Garlic Marinade that has been discontinued.  Not sure what we’ll use when we run out.  Hubby bought a ton of it a few years ago (before we were together) when he found out it was going to be discontinued.

We had both Beef and Pork ribs in the marinade.


There were three slabs of meat, so each slab got a different seasoning on it after it sat in the marinade.

Generously coat each slab of meat with the dry rub and rub it in.

We used Cherrywood for the smoking chips.  You put them in the smoking box, soak them down and let them sit in the water for a few minutes, then dump the water off and place them in the smoker.  Our smoker is propane.

The best way is to go low and slow.  This particular day we placed the ribs in the smoker around 180 degrees for around 3 hours.

When the meat thermometer read the perfect internal temperature we pulled them out and they slide right off the bones.

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