One Year Ago… Part 24

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He stayed at the house with me for a while until it was time to head to bed and then he went home. While he was driving I hopped in the shower. When I got out he was home and we both went to sleep.

Up to this point we hadn’t had a whole lot of run-ins with the ex wife. She kept to herself, we kept to ours other than when PC would go to pick up his daughter or we’d take her home. Unfortunately, that all changed.

I am an avid Dancing with the Stars fan. I try to not miss an episode. In fact I want to take Ballroom dance lessons myself someday just to say I can do it. Monday night is the competition with the results show on Tuesday nights.

This particular Monday night PC came over to watch. He wanted to spend time with me, it was his first night home where I was back in town as well and since I watch so did he. This is also the night I started loathing Facebook.

Everything was going off without a hitch, I got home and chores were done. PC and my dad saddled up horses and worked them. Then they came in and I had dinner ready and we all sat down and started watching Dancing with the Stars. He posted a status on facebook saying that he was sitting with his baby and her family watching Dancing with the Stars. It wasn’t even half an hour later after the post and he started getting text messages from his ex-wife about how he shouldn’t be spending time with me, he should be spending time with his daughter, especially now that he was home and she had told her that her daddy would spend more time with her and it upset her. She was at home upset that her dad wasn’t spending more time with her and on and on and on. Of course that made for a very unpleasant evening. He was upset, I was upset. Eventually it was time to go to bed so he left and both of us were so upset. I didn’t sleep well that night and I don’t think he did either.

The next night when I got home from work he was there with chores done and of course we all rode horses again. This is how it went the rest of the week.

My friend Nicole and her fiance Ed were due to get married on October 24th so before their wedding they had a Showerception thrown for them on the 10th. It started out as a wedding shower and quickly turned into a reception since they were headed to Eureka Springs to get married.

I had been taking photography classes and so earlier in the afternoon on the 10th PC and I went around town playing with my camera and doing photo shoots. Eventually we wound up at the Showerception to celebrate with Nicole & Ed. The next morning we got up, went to church and did another photo shoot. This is how our weeks went along with every other weekend we’d have his daughter.


November 14th was dinner club, this time out we headed to a town an hour from here for dinner. After dinner PC and I decided to hit the cheap movies. Tickets were $2 a piece so we thought heck why not. While sitting in the movie theater his cell phone vibrated. It was his ex wife texting him saying that she and her family had been in Branson for the day and were headed home. His daughter wanted to stay the night and she said it was okay so could she drop her off. This was a weekend that wasn’t our weekend to have his daughter, that’s why we’d decided to head out of town for dinner and then a movie. He sent her a message saying he wasn’t home. She proceeded to reem him a new one through text again about how he didn’t have a job and was going out on the town, etc. At this point I told him to point out the fact that I was the one buying. That calmed her down a bit but she still continued to reem on him about spending time with his daughter.

By this point I was getting upset. We had paid to watch a movie and now neither one of us were watching it because she wouldn’t quit texting and he wouldn’t quit answering her. Finally I told him to tell her that we were in the movies and that he wasn’t going to answer her anymore and for the first time he took his frustration out on me and snapped at me. I slid to the other side of my seat and kept to that side the rest of the movie.

I was upset. We’d paid to go to the movies. We were out on a date which didn’t happen a lot. We were out together by ourselves and he allowed the texting to ruin the mood of the evening. I was heartbroken. I had a feeling this is how the rest of everything would be if I stayed with him. I couldn’t handle that. I didn’t want to handle that. I didn’t want to be second rate to his ex-wife. That’s why they weren’t married anymore.

After the movie was over we went out to my car and I drove home. Once I got to his house, I let him out of the car, I didn’t linger, I didn’t dottle, I just said I was tired and I headed home. This had given me a lot to think about. I was the master texter, I sent and received a lot but when I was out for an evening I quit taking messages or slowed it down depending on the situation. Anytime his ex-wife would text, he immediately dropped what he was doing and answered which usually ended up in a texting fight. I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t want to be second rate, especially not to an ex-wife. I was hurt and everything my mom had said before about always being second started filling my head. Here was a great guy that I loved but I was afraid I’d always be second. I know his daughter is important and any issue dealing with her is absolutely important but for the ex to just start chewing him out and ruin our mood completely was a little more than I could deal with.

He called me as I was leaving his house to talk. It was hard to talk to him. I had so many mixed emotions going on. I loved him so much but the fact that his ex ruined our mood a lot was so much to deal with.

I was driving down the back road talking to him when all the sudden I screamed.

Oh yeah, I’m that mean… to be continued…

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  1. This is my first time stopping by your blog – but I'm very intrigued. Can't wait to read what happens next! 🙂

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know that does not go along w/ your post today, lol, but wanted to say it anyway =)

    Have a wonderful weekend Nicole!!

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