Apparently I Like Them Clean

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The joke at my house is I’m a bit of a germ-o-phoebe… but really, I’m not.  I swear!  I just like things clean…. er something like that anyway.

So let me paint the picture… I was running late for work, got my clothes on, make-up, teeth brushed, shoes on and was ready to run out the door when I realized I couldn’t locate my car keys.

What, seriously?  I stood in the living room retracing my steps from the day before trying to see if I could figure out where on earth they wound up.

I ran into the bedroom, not there, checked the pocket of the jeans I wore the day before, Nada.  Shoot… Looked at my watch and realized I need to get going, where are those darn keys.

I pulled out my purse and emptied its contents on the couch… Nada.

Ok my house is only so big, maybe they ran off with that stupid mop and bucket.

By this point I spinning in circles trying to decide which direction to go and not coming up with an answer.

I was so desperate I almost called hubby… almost.

That’s when I realized he had my keys last night in his pocket.  And sadly enough I got his jeans in the washer last night… dagnabit… This happened again…

This is the second time I’ve found my keys in the washer due to hubby’s jeans.  Oh well they still work, so that’s good, right?!?!

And he makes fun of me for washing paper in my pants.  I’ve washed bolts & nuts & my car keys x2… and in Tbug’s jeans I’ve washed chapstick and paper…

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  1. LOL! I am known for NOT checking the pockets of clothes when I wash and get to keep anything I find. Which inclues money 🙂 I figure that is only fair since I've got to clean up the mess napkins/kleenex make that I have to clean up.

  2. I need to start checking pants pockets more thoroughly. I've washed lots of paper, countless legos and the occasional coins and paper money. The money I keep as laundry bonus.

  3. I “wash” stuff in pockets all the time… the worst is lip balm, it can get all over the clothes and leave grease spots!! I almost always have coins in the bottom of my machine when I'm done laundry. lol

  4. Urgh, I hate if someone else uses my keys because they never get put back on their key hook BY THE FRONT DOOR. Why? It's right there! James Bond is the worst for putting my keys in his pocket and then going to work. Indy uses them to go get stuff out of the car for me (he's only 10, so he's not driving it-to my knowledge) and is also bad about putting them back.
    I've washed so many things in pockets it's not funny.

  5. I hate when I can't find my keys! Drives me insane. I wash cable fittings and other little parts from teh hubby's job.all.the.time. – can totally relate!

  6. Hah! That's awesome. Paper and esp. tissues are the worst!! They get that fuzz all over everything else – I HATE it, end up shaking everything off & re-washing it all. Sucks. I'm crazy about checking pockets before things go in the basket, I'm a nut. It drives me insane. LOL

  7. Always check the pockets. My mom dried a purple crayon once. And at the time she worked in the kitchen as a diet clerk at a hospital. White uniforms. Not pretty and NOTHING like shout to get it out. Oh but how she shouted!!! SHe spent hours scrubbing and using HAIRSPRAY yes, hairspray getting all the crayon out of her uniforms. She still checks pockets to this day.

  8. Girl, I have washed my fair share of odd things too! It's a guy thing. I NEVER leave things in my pocket! Yesterday, an old check register from 2002 was in the wash. WHAT THE HECK? I'm assuming Emma was playing in the office and it ended up in the laundry.

    Thanks for linking up!

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