Should I be concerned – or not??

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So I’m completely torn if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Let me explain…

As I’ve pointed out many times I started dating my husband in late July 2009.  He proposed in February of 2010.  We bought our first house in (well started) April (finished in June).

Prior years to us dating, his dad’s side of the family used to go to an aunts house at the lake for the Fourth.  Then she sold that house and I guess they didn’t get together, I’m not sure.  So when we bought our house in 2010 he asked if we could host the 4th party.  I said ok.  Since then, it has been at our house every year.

My {step}daughter goes to camp every July since I’ve been around way off on the east coast.  Every year she has missed the party due to driving to camp or actually being at camp, etc, and this upsets her every year.  In fact, last year before camp she said she wasn’t going because she’d miss out on the party.  We told her the party was just one afternoon and she’d probably have way more fun at camp.  {This is a camp her mother sends her too, not sure if that’s relevant, just clarifying :)}  And it’s true, she always comes back from camp talking about stories.

I guess back in January she started hitting her mom up and complaining that she misses our 4th of July party every year because of camp.  Her mom contacted hubby and asked when it would be; she said that if her husband didn’t have to work that they’d try to work it out for Tbug to come out to the house for a bit before they absolutely had to leave for camp.

All things worked out and Tbug got to be at the house for the party until around 9:30.  She was super excited.

Ok so sorry for the lengthy lead up… now to the moment….

People started showing up around 3-3:30 and Tbug put on her swimsuit and jumped in the pool as guests arrived.  By about 7 or so she was complaining about being cold/tired. (Yes, it was 100+ but you have to understand our pool is always freezing.  I think it stays around 65 degrees)  I told her that if she was cold and done swimming to go in the house and put her clothes back on, that her daddy would be getting ready to help her set off some fireworks before long.

So around 8:15 one of her cousins showed up (another split family thing, her dad came to drop her off with her mom) and Tbug decided she wanted to get back in the pool.  She had been waiting on Cass all day so when Tbug asked if she could get back in the pool, I knew her mom would be there sometime between 8 and 9, but I told her that’s fine, you better hurry though.

So around 8:45 hubby got all the fireworks out, said we needed to hurry so she could set some off and said, “Can you get Tbug out of the pool?  Memaw tried and didn’t have any luck, maybe you’ll have better luck.”  I said sure, went and hollered at her to hurry up and change so she could shoot off fireworks and she was up and out of the pool and dressed in record time.

So my concern comes when my MIL couldn’t get Tbug out of the pool, but she did what I said immediately.  I’m not sure if I’m mean or I just explained things differently.  I can sure tell you I don’t want to be known as the Mean ol’ Mom or better yet, the Mean ol’ Step-mom!

0 thoughts on “Should I be concerned – or not??

  1. I think it's a good thing. I see it as a sign of respect.

    At least in my world, my kids know they can “work” their grandma, but when I speak – they know I mean business.

  2. I wouldn't be concerned. I'm in a very similar boat 🙂 Like Heather said – grandmas are for spoiling kids so they can get away with a lot more with them.. but its a lot different with moms and step-moms.

  3. More than likely it has to do with you and Tbug having a good relationship,and you establishing boundaries, you had already told her the timeline you just reinforced it

  4. Definitely nothing to worry about – like the other ladies have said, kids know they can work their grandmothers, get away with things they can with their mothers. I'd take it as a sign of respect!

  5. Definitely nothing to worry about– you probably helped her have the right incentive for getting out or maybe she just respects you more.

  6. I agree with what everyone else said about her respecting you, and kids just tend to not listen to the grandparents as well. Especially if the grandparents are like my in-laws, and NEVER make them mind.

  7. I'm going to go with everyone else on this Grandma's spoil kids so she knew she could get a few more minutes if Grandma came to get her but with her parents she knew you meant business. I wouldn't be worried, and that's a good thing that she listens to you like she does, definitely shows respect:)

  8. I'm going to agree with Heather, I totally see it as a sign of respect. Sometimes kids obey because they want to please us. That isn't a bad thing!

  9. You are so not the mean old step mom. YOu are the one she respects. She listens to you. And you didn't have to threaten, you just say, “Get dressed for fireworks,” and she did it. You're fine. No worries. 🙂

  10. I don't think it's because you are mean, I think it's because she respects you! I'm sure she respects Memaw too, but we all know that Memaw's are pushovers 😉

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