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Hey y’all!  I have changed my blog around a bit lately.  I’m sure many of you who are long time followers have been watching, wondering what I’ll change next.  Well, I thought today I’d give a short demo {via pictures} of some new things, some moved things, and just some things in general :).

1. I added a button.  Want to make your own?  I’ll show you how! 
2.  Number 2 points out Foto (aka photo) tutorials page & Blogging Tips page.  See, told you I’d show you how to make a bloggy button!
3.  So now you can follow me not only via GFC but RSS, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google + and Twitter or email me.

For those of you who already follow, you have no idea how much I truly appreciate it!  I’m so happy you keep coming back!!  That’s what this great blogging community is about!

4.  Have you noticed my “Sponsors”?  I’m not out to get rich, promise!  Nope, this is all about promoting other blogs, as in a button swap.  If you’re interested, let me know and we’ll swap buttons!  I’ll promote yours if you’ll promote mine! 🙂

5.  I also added Linky Followers.  As you can see I don’t have many, but I have high hopes :). haha!

6.  I went on and Copyrighted (weird word) my blog a couple weeks ago when I noticed my photos on another blog.  It’s weird to see your face on a blog it doesn’t belong.  I would suggest it for anyone.  Just my suggestion though.  It’s simple and free.
7.  So the lovely Janna at Perception is Everything‘s husband is in the Army.  My husband is a Veteran plus we have friends who are still in, so when she had that button up, I grabbed it.  If you support, you should grab it too!
8.  I thought it would be fun to see the current popular posts.  Mine is set up for 7 day increments.

    9.  Last but not least, I moved my Labels to the bottom so if you’re looking for something particular, check it out down there.  It looked too cluttered on my side bar.
    10.  And I just wanted an even number so I thought I’d point out I still have my wedding tracker although it has now changed to a marriage tracker!  Woohoooo!

    If you look at my blog and think something looks funny or have a better suggestion about where I could place it, by all means share with me!  I’m still playing around with it.

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    1. I like the changes! I especially like that you added the labels to the bottom instead of the side bar! I haven't put labels on my blog because they look to cluttered, but I think I am going to go add labels to the bottom so my blog is easier to navigate!

      You are inspiring me today! Thanks!

    2. The changes you've made look great, Nicole! I still haven't had a chance to play around with the button instructions you gave me, but I will someday soon hopefully!!

    3. How did you find out that your pictures had been stolen? I know they were on another blog, but how did you find them? I copyrighted mine, so I am guessing it would tell me now.

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