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So obviously, March is going to come in like a lion this year.  I’m sure you all heard about the tornadoes that ripped through the midwest on the night of the 28th and the morning of the 29th.  If this is what is in store for storm season this year, I’m scared!


Back my first time through school I took a short story writing class.  I’m sure you’ve heard me refer to it before.    At the end of the class I had to write the teacher a letter to accompany my two stories.  I stumbled across that letter yesterday and read through it.  Either we had to compare our writing to something or I was just being weird.  It cracked me up to read this portion of my letter.  What do you think?

My writing style circa 2003. (apparently)

To describe my writing to someone, I would tell him or her it was like a ship coming into port.  Many people help as a huge ship comes to dock in the harbor.  The captain of the ship steers the ship making sure not to hit any jagged, sharp rocks as I write my paper to make sure that it gets done right.  The lighthouse helps make sure the ship sees land so they do not crash; a peer group critiques my first draft to help work out jagged, rough spots in my writing.  Then they start slowing down with the help of the crew and make sure that the ship is neat and orderly for docking, a second peer group critiqued my story to help sum up any loose ends that still remain.  Finally the ropes are tied and the anchor is dropped in the water just like my final paper is written and is ready to be turned in.

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