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Friday night was fairly similar to other Friday nights… after work, we headed over to get the {step}daughter.  Yeah we had a side detour because my grandma asked me to come to the church and be a photographer.  Once we got there they already had one so it was kind of a pointless trip on our part :(… so we headed to the house.

After we made dinner and settled in watching a movie I heard, “chirp chirp chirp”.  I jumped up out of the chair and ran to the incubators.  Of course my sweet hubby told me it was our windmill (which squeaks so loud and annoyingly!!) but I knew it was the windmill!

Sure enough, we had a peeper.  He was working real hard on breaking out of that shell!  He wasn’t very far along, just his beak slightly starting to poke out.  So we all settled back in watching the movie.

By the time we went to bed he wasn’t much further along, however we had a few more peepers starting.  When we woke up Saturday morning we had our very first chicky born in our house!  Plus we had a few more ready to burst out of their shells.

Saturday night when we got back to the house it was like they all ganged up and were ready to come out and join the world.

Now I’ll warn you right now….

If you have a weak stomach….

Don’t look at these photos….

I told ya’ll I’d try to get photos of one hatching….

And boy did I ever….

In fact I stood over the incubator for a good 30 minutes….

My back hurt by the time I was done….

but I’m warning you know….

if you have a weak stomach and can’t handle it….

don’t proceed!

For the rest of you… I present a baby chick being born!

The blonde looking chick had been born about 30 minutes prior to this one being born.  They have to stay in the incubator until they are dry.  They can stay in there for up to 3 days.  But once they were dry we moved them to a box on our floor with a heat lamp.  As of this morning there were 11 born with another round ready to start hatching tonight so we’ll see….

I promise he’s alive, he had to rest after he pushed out of that shell!

These were the first 2 born as of Saturday night. 

They were so funny.  They’d flop around a bit and then they’d rest, and then flop around some more and then rest.  I’ve never seen baby chicks being born or just hours after born, it was quite the experience!  Like I said, I grew up on a farm but we never raised chickens.

The first time I saw a baby lamb born I jumped up and down and screamed at the top of my lungs.  The friend there who was helping looked at me like I’d lost my mind, then he was like…. Oh you’ve never seen this before huh…. LOL

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  1. We never raised chicks either, always got them at the feed store. How fun! They are so cute when they are little.

  2. They're so cute!! Please tell me your status on FB last night didn't mean these little chickies?!?

  3. I dared expecting it to be so disgusting…it really wasn't. I saw kittens being born though. Maybe that is why. Cute little peepers.

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