Let's talk about Sex, Baby…

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Let’s talk about you and me…

Hahaha… sorry this song has been playing through my head all day… and this post is actually based on Sunday…

Have you ever been to a Slumber Party?

No… not one of these…

also known as a sleep over with all your girl friends where you share secrets and put make-up on the girl’s face who falls asleep first.  {yeah I was the make-up applier usually}

I’m talking about the Adult Slumber Parties…

If you haven’t… WOW… I hadn’t been to one until Sunday.  Boy… it’s awfully… um…. informative… for lack of better word…

It is a home party where they sell sexual type of things: lubricants, outfits, oils, tasting stuff, toys… WOW… It’s rather intimidating if you ask me.

And you have to be a special person to sell stuff like this!  SERIOUSLY!!!

So I had 2 friends who threw a joint party and invited me, so I went.

 I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was a little nervous about going but since it was 2 friends… I figured what the heck.  I think I’m still in shock!

One thing I learned… apparently you should have 200 Big O’s (woops was that a graphic word?) a year to stay healthy.  That averages 4 times per week…  It keeps your chances of breast cancer down, your chances of prostate cancer (I guess if you’re male… not female) down, it keeps your face clearer (as in cleaner complexion), and it keeps you happier because you release many endorphins.

She said that didn’t require you to have sex 4 times per week… just the other…  She was a little graphic at times…

The gal who tried selling us this stuff was loud and in your face.  At first it was weird, but eh, I guess you got used to it.  Although the cool part was, one of the ladies at the party made the seller blush, twice.

Our left arm was the “taste” arm and our right arm was the “smell” arm.

One of the first things she did was put a fragrance on our smell arm.  Your pheromones work with this smell and it gives off your unique smell.  Some people were more fruity, some were more woodsy, it just depended.  I started out fruity.  The party was at 1, then a group of us and our significant other’s gathered at another house later in the evening for dinner and by then, all of our smells had changed.  One of the guys smelled 3 different arms and said we all smelled different.

Anyway, I really don’t have much of a point to this post, other than, if you ever get invited, it’s oddly entertaining and well… weird, but you shouldn’t discount it… at least go and taste and smell and ………..

I’ll also put in here… I’m getting absolutely nothing for this… I’m just still cracking up so I thought I would share…  Oh and This gal wasn’t trying to “replace” anyone… LOL

Happy Hump Day… hahaha

0 thoughts on “Let's talk about Sex, Baby…

  1. Good grief woman, I was cornfuzed as to where I was at! Your new blog looks great!

    I've never been to one of these parties, but I have heard of them.

    K……the rest of my comment I'm just gonna email to ya……..hehehehehehe

  2. When did you go to the beachy blog? I too didn't know where I was…and then there was this kinky sex stuff. Talk about fish out of water–that'd be me. I think Tupperware is racy, so I think I'll pass on 4 big O's a week. I'd be dead…

  3. ooo fun!!! I am interested..I was invited to an Aphrodite party once, I couldn't go but it sounds like the two parties were similar: definitely had the same basis lol

  4. Love the new blog look! 😀 I've been to a Slumber Party party. It was … shall we say unique. Some things should not be candles. 😉 I went I bought a candle that was supposed to have pheromones. I loved the smell of it. I've heard that the smell of pumpkin is also an aphrodisiac. I have a few pumpkin scented candles… I didn't tell Hubby and I burn them to see if he gets in the mood… You should try it! 😉

    As for 200 a year… whoa…

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

  5. I've been to a few of them…I love it! I go with a sense of humor and have a good time! It's so nice to have giggle time with the girls..and the products are great too! haha
    came over from fab but evil!

  6. I seriously thought I was in the wrong place! hahaha. Love it though. And I totally wish I was on a beach too.


  7. I'm up for a good giggle but honestly I've lived over 30 awesome years with the same cowboy without any of the stuff everyone thinks they have to have to have fun now. I think it's like putting Catsup on icecream, why in the world do it when the icecream is already so good. Just folks trying to make money selling 'catsup', I guess.

  8. LOL I was dragged to one once. The lady put some kind of perfume with pheromones on everyone's wrist. When us girls got back D asked me to wash my hands cuz he said I smelled like a bachelor party (aka a strip club) LMAO – needless to say, I didn't buy anything. I did win one of those ice/heat packs that you can stick in the freezer or microwave though. LOL

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