Happy Birthday Daddy

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So I was planning on posting this last Saturday b/c well that was actually my dad’s birthday but me being the bonehead I am, didn’t get it done.  My grandpa had his gall-bladder removed and we spent the afternoon at the hospital and then went with my parents to see Secretariat and out to dinner.  So I’ve had all week to post this and again, haven’t done it… I’m apparently still being a bonehead.  Sorry!

Words can’t even begin to explain how important to me that my dad is!

He has always been there for me and always will be
And even though we’ve butted heads, Many times, more times than I’d care to admit even, He’s one of my biggest fans!

When I was debating about going on a date with PC because he had a daughter and that  freaked me out he told me not to judge a man who was trying to do his best in a bad situation and it wasn’t my place to judge.

And it makes me cry just sitting here thinking about this and how important he has been in my life.

He was the hardest person I had to tell that I was engaged.  He and I have always had that special bond!  And that’ll never change!

I love you daddy!


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