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Oh another day, another dollar, another peek into our past 🙂 I’ve shared with you other posts of pictures of me and my fiance (or if I was being grammatically correct, my fiance and me). These are pictures that I’ve included in our side show for our wedding. I have two slide shows made up. One will play for the hour before our wedding. It is about 12 minutes long. Gives the guests something to look at, point at, laugh at, etc before the wedding and then I have one side show right before my grand entry that is 4 minutes. It is nothing but pictures of PC & me. It is set to a fabulous song! I might look into putting it up on the blog, but it’ll be after the wedding 🙂 That way if any in attendance read my blog they won’t get the surprise ruined 🙂

He looks so handsome in this picture!!

One of my High School Senior Pictures

This is him with his grandma, mother and newborn daughter

Another Senior picture of yours truly 🙂

I had trouble with pics of him. Stole this from Tim.

Again, another senior picture of me. haha

Stole this from Tim again and speak of the devil 😉

PC LOVES to play guitar! And he’s good!

Queen Contest talent.

I told him he should never EVER shave his head again!

Here he is with Cowgirl. Nope not talking to me on the phone 🙁

In College a friend and I played with pictures 🙂

One of my college friends Becky and me on my 19th Birthday

Here he is with Tim again but now in Afghanistan

Again with Tim. Again Afghanistan

I was in Costa Rica. We went on a Canopy Tour

His new hat 🙂

Oh look, Tim again…. 😉 Wanna bet their in Afghanistan?

This is National FFA Convention when we were in college and working the Parlementary Procedure contest.
Ooop and the girl sitting next to me on the bed is Janet.

No this isn’t the order of the photos in the slide show because you’ll notice there are some of me twice and then him twice. I just grabbed them out of the folder in the order they were in. I love looking back at photos though!

If you’d like to see other photos from the slide show try going here, or possibly here, or maybe here, and even here

Peace, Love & Photos

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  1. I always enjoy the slide shows at weddings. I did one for my daughter's college graduation and figured I'll just save to use most of them for her wedding (hopefully a ways off). I agree with you – should never shave his head again!

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