Daily Dose of Funny!!!!!

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Okay so let me start off by saying I am not a tidy whity guy…..

So Nicole and I are spread out between a few houses, on Wednesday evenings we go to OUR house and check the mail etc… Last night was no different. We went to the house and I proceded to work on cleaning out the hottub. I got extremely dirty and proceded to take a shower, when I go out of the shower I didn’t want to put my other underwear back on but all i had at the house was a pair of tidy whity’s so I put them on.

When we got back to her parents house I was going to change into a pair of my normal style (Boxer Briefs) so I pulled a pair out of the clothes basket and grabbed my shorts and i put on the boxer briefs then the shorts. (for the record i was really tired) Did you notice I missed a step?

Thats right this morning I got all the way to work and when I went to the bathroom I realized….. I am wearing 2 pairs of underwear!!!!


Peace Love and DUHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Prince Charming!!

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  1. haha…that hilarious…it's amazing what you do or don't do when you are really tired…and what makes it even better is that Nicoles name is signed at the bottom as if it happened to her, haha

  2. My 11 yr old actually does this by choice, LOL! He likes boxers, but hates to um, 'hang free'. So he'll put on his tightie whities, then boxers. Cracks me up! Of course, when its -30 out he's nice and warm! LOL

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