Dear 20 Year Old Me….

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You know the Brad Paisley Song, Letter to Me is a great song and truthfully makes you stop and think. Then I happened to be reading my blogs catching up for the day and I ran across DAR’s post for the day, Dear Me. Love, Me. And I couldn’t help but be inspired to do the same thing.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to tell your younger self to relax, things do work out for the best? Don’t pressure yourself, just go with the flow, make some excellent memories and don’t forget those who helped get you where you are. I know I’ve been reflecting a lot on my past especially with the wedding coming up, but sometimes the past is who makes you who you are for the present so you’ll be well suited for the future.

Dear 20-Year-old Nicole,
You are entering into the last few semesters of college. Things have changed drastically. Your best friends and you have parted ways because of differences of opinions but sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Stick to your guns, those friends show back up in your future needing your strength and support. I know the guy you broke up with left you feeling hurt, but don’t worry, something better is coming down the road waiting for you. You’ll need him as he needs you and you’ll become best friends. Don’t get so worked up, God has a plan for everything, just be patient and wait. Tough times will come but you’ll make it through them. Heck, you even graduate from college at 22 years of age. It’s coming.
Spend as much time with your grandparents as you can, you lose them just a few years down the road. Always take the time to remember how they sound because after they are gone you’ll miss the sound of their voice. Your grandma wanted nothing but the best for you as did your mother and they’ll both drive you nuts about the guy you wind up dating, He’s not the guy for you but because of a chain of unfortunate events you’ll find the guy of your dreams. Maybe you should find some pictures of this guy you’ll wind up marrying and show him to your grandparents. They’d love to meet him in some way shape or form! You even choose their wedding date in honor of them!

When you eventually pack up all your apartment and move back in with your parents, label the boxes with what is in them so if you ever have to find something you’ll know where it is!!
Spend extra time with your dog, Chanel will only be around for so long and she too will go to Heaven to be with the Lord.
Things that seem so important usually don’t come up to be that way. They usually are just minuscule compared to the rest of them. And enjoy the size 7 you wear now, you’re about to gain just enough weight you have to move up a size and then you’ll really think you are fat. Maybe you should start working out now! Get into the habit so you’ll stay that size 7.
You won’t actually be an Agriculture Teacher, but I can’t tell you what you’ll eventually wind up doing, there needs to be some mystery left in life, right? Just make sure you take lots of pictures along the way and make many great memories because you’ll rely on those when you get older. Always remember the good times and forget about the tough. They’ll just stress you out.
Oh and one last thing, When you do your student teaching… Don’t run from the kids with the snakeskin… it only will cause you to get cussed out by them in front of your professor. It happens the day he does his “unknown” visit.
You are beautiful, you always have been and you always will be, just remember that and your teeth, you’ll eventually get them fixed. No more kids will ask you, “why is your tooth yellow.” You do it with the money your grandparents left you. Oh, and you do finally get that Mustang you’ve wanted since you were 12 but shhh I didn’t tell you that. And yes, you get more mouthy as you age… Facts are facts, sorry girly.
Have a Great Life and I’ll see you in 6 years, 16 days before you turn 27 and 52 days before you marry the love of your life.
26-year-old Nicole
You just get better with age!!!


0 thoughts on “Dear 20 Year Old Me….

  1. aww that was such a sweet letter. I have often done this. It is therapuetic especially when you are having a hard time forgiving yourself for something or accepting something. Wonderful post… as always <3

  2. Me again, by the way heres that recipe and don't feel bad I tried to make gnocchi once and all I got was mashed potatoes too hahaha

    Pre heat the oven to 450

    place four boneless skinless chicken breasts in a pan.

    Sprinkle garlic pepper, oregano and basil on top of the chicken and cover them completley with italian dressing (make them swim)

    Add sweet peppers (the orange and yellow ones that come in a jar) on top and cover with parmesan cheese.

    Bake for 25-30 minutes and there you go !!!

  3. Interesting perspective!! I love the part:
    “When you eventually pack up all your apartment and move back in with your parents, label the boxes with what is in them so if you ever have to find something you'll know where it is!!” ha ha ha!!! So true!!

  4. That is so cool! I've gotta try this. How I wish it were true that we could tell our future/past selves things about our lives to come!

  5. Very thoughtful letter. I did this a couple months ago and found it helpful. It really puts things in perspective when you think about how far you have come.

  6. I wish I knew what you do now when I was your age way back then. You're a pretty smart 27 year old.

  7. If only thinking in hindsight were that easy!

    Loved the labeling boxes forewarning. I'm going through the same thing now with all my unlabled boxes and keep finding random things I completely forgot I owned.

  8. Great letter! If I could write a letter to my 20 year old self I would already have mentioned a lot of things!!

    P.S that is a great picture of you and your fiance!


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