Mi Casa es Su Casa – Part 1

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Welcome to our home. We finally found a place to live and aren’t going to have to live in a tent in my parent’s back yard. This is exciting. Part 1 photos will show the outside of our house and around it. We are living in a Berm house. A berm house is also known as an Earth House. 3 of the 4 sides are covered with ground so in essence, it is kind of like an in-ground house… Right now it is a house but once we move in there, it will be our home!

Hehe yeah, I had my car parked in the carport…

It has a detached garage. The original garage was turned into an office.

this is standing at the bedroom door looking toward the garage.

Then standing at the garage looking back toward our bedroom.

There is a little wooden patio built off of the pool for lounging. My hammock will find a nice home around the pool!

This is the barn outback. It needs some work but for what we have, it’ll do 🙂

This is standing back by the barn looking toward the house (if you couldn’t tell). See the house is under the ground or at least surrounded by the ground on 3 sides=Berm House.

This is standing giving another view of the front of the house.

This is all the current owner’s possessions you see (tables, chairs, etc). They have talked about leaving some things but we are still unsure of what is going and what is staying so for now who knows.

Check back to see the inside of the house 🙂

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