Mi Casa es Su Casa – Part 2

Ok so I told you I’d give you a tour of the inside. Now remember, not our stuff! This is still the current owners “Stuff”.

But welcome to our living room. This is standing at the front door looking toward that direction (haha get it =P)

standing at the front door looking straight ahead as you walk in.

This is looking in to the laundry room.

Here is the kitchen. It hasn’t been remodeled. Oh well maybe a project for some day, we’ll see.

This now is standing at the laundry room door looking back toward the front door. Oh boy you are so smart if you guessed that!!!

That door you saw next to the laundry room door, that leads to the office. Yes this office is a mess. I have a feeling ours might look like that :(.

Just another view of the office looking straight in from the door.

Ok guess what this is… anyone?? It’s a hallway :). The first door on the left is the bathroom. Second door on the left is the Master bedroom. The 2 doors on the right are bedrooms as well. Tbug has claimed the far right one.

Now we have entered upon the bathroom. cute huh??

Let’s have a closer look!

Here is the floor in the bathroom. A closer up look.

This is the bedroom right across from the bathroom (aka my soon to be Mother-In-Law’s room)

This is just another view of the MIL room.

This will be Tbug’s room.

Dang, I caught myself in the mirror….

Our bedroom is right across from Tbug’s room.

Just another view.

that’s the door for the closet. That’s my closet :)…. haha

Actually as you can see this is a fairly good sized closet, however this picture doesn’t even show the whole closet… ah a closet with space to hang things. I’m in Love!!!!

This leads into the Master Bath

It’s actually quite small but that’s how the bathrooms were when this house was built.

Just looking straight in. I want you to see it all 😉

Here’s the floor in the master bathroom. The master bathroom is one room I was told wasn’t remodeled.

This place is heated mainly by the fireplace. Ahhhh I love fireplaces. My parents house has one and that’s where I spend most of my downtime in the winters there.

If you want to see photos of the outside of the house, click here.

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