Hey Eufaula

My dad is quite the character and he and I have always had that special bond. I was a daddy’s girl, no questions asked! My dad has told me many times, especially when I was in junior high and high school that back in the day when he was in school he had an English teacher that made them write stories. They would get their topic on a Friday and it was due the following Monday. Dad said actually that was probably the best teacher because he learned to create stories, where he might not have otherwise. So yes, my dad is quite the story teller and the real kicker of it all…. sometimes, actually a lot of times, they are believable. So as a kid we’ve made many trips to Texas and all over Oklahoma showing horses. Going down 69 headed through Oklahoma to Texas there is a town/lake you pass called Eufaula. As a little kid of course I asked the million dollar question… how did they get that name….? So I present my dad’s version of how… (but to this day he swears he never told me this story)…

There was an Indian named Lake who traveled the country far and wide to keep track of the upcoming new arrivals of the white man. One day he rode up on this body of water and was looking down the slope at it and eventually fell in. Another Indian rode by and saw this and ran over to where he went over and yelled, Hey Lake, Eufaula so the name became Lake Eufaula after the Indian… hahahahaha. Ok I hope that at least brightened your Thursday a little bit :). I always tell that story when we go over it too… what can I say, my dad made an impression.

So while we were coming home from Dallas wedding dress shopping on Sunday I snapped pictures of Lake Eufala as we passed over. Hope you enjoy 🙂

If you look just over the treeline but before the other one you can see a small sliver of the lake. We were approaching it!

We are finally going over it if you can’t tell 🙂

Another view

Still yet another view… It was just so pretty!

It was so pretty out on Sunday too, I wanted to go jump in but I bet it would have been freezing still!

There were some boats out though Someone hit that guard rail~

5 miles from town!!

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