She Said Yes – Repost

One year ago, February 12, the man of my dreams proposed to me.  Here’s the story.  Happy One Year Bling-a-versary baby!!!

This had started out as a pretty crappy day, I surely didn’t know that it would eventually get better! I started doing the mail and got a phone call from Nancy at the front office that I had flowers at the front desk so I headed to the front of the building to go retrieve my flowers. (I work all the way at the back.) I passed Becky grumbling that “Prince Charming’s so in trouble.” although seriously what girl doesn’t like flowers, especially when they look like this!!



Meanwhile back at my desk my mom brought Prince Charming into the building. Tracy got her camera out and Nicole got another camera that had a recorder out. Becky was standing guard in the hallway to announce to them when I got back. Then they all dove into different hiding places.

So when I came back Becky announces really loud that I had beautiful flowers. My desk has frosted glass around it and when I walked around the corner and I could see someone on the far side of my desk but I figured it was a coworker had dropped something or since I was having such a bad day, they were going to jump out and scare me (things like that happen to me from time to time) so I didn’t really think to much of it. So I came up on my mystery guest and Prince Charming is down on one knee. (more…)

November 25, 1978

A short year after their marriage on June 10, 1950 their family of 2 became a family of 3, mother, father & son.  2 years later they added 2 more but not wanting an un-even number of kids 2 years after that they rounded out the family with their 4th child.  This family of 6 lived in rural southwest Missouri on a working dairy farm.  As the kids grew older, they helped with farm chores of rounding up the cattle for milking, milking or just checking the cattle to make sure they were all where they should be and problem free.  Along with the milk cows they had Hereford cattle and of course their trusty horses.

Meanwhile in Southern Michigan the family of three expected their first child [together] a little over a year after their marriage on September 4, 1954.  She was followed 3 years later by her younger sister.  This family was into the horse business and went all over the state showing horses.

As the son grew up his grandmother wanted him to go off to college somewhere.  She told him he needed to get into the Engineering field, but he had different dreams, he wanted to be a veterinarian.  Toward the latter years of his high school education his grandmother took him to Colorado with her while visiting some friends.  She wanted him to see the Colorado State University.

Eventually the son would attend Southwest Missouri State College for his first two years and planned to transfer to MU – Columbia to join their veterinarian program.  Life took him on a different route and he eventually transferred back to Missouri Southern State College to finish out a Biology degree.

When the daughter hit her Junior year of high school, the family decided to move to Missouri.  The father had had enough of the cold Michigan winters and wanted to move somewhere warmer.  They had some fellow Arabian horse breeders that moved to southwest Missouri that they came to visit and decided this is where their family would move so they picked up and headed south.  She finished out her high school years and graduated.  She had dreams of going off to school and living in the dorms but her father thought differently.  He finally agreed that if she got a scholarship he’d allow her to live on campus at Missouri Southern State College and away she went. (more…)

The Finale of the Shindig

Finally, we’ve made it to the Reception.  Again it’s picture heavy, I’m not breaking them up into different posts :).  That’s my prerogative 🙂  I think there are 27 photos here 🙂  All taken by the main photographer.

The week of the wedding my mom’s friend Cynthia devoted her whole week to helping my mom.  They made these cream cheese mints and then put the flowers on top of them.  I never did get to try one… LOL

Here is our cake.  The only bite that PC and I got of the entire thing (the top is in the freezer) was the bite we fed to each other.  I had our cake lady do something surprising… she made a funfetti cake.  Not the traditional white.  I think the middle layer might have been chocolate but I don’t remember, all I remember was I chose funfetti just for the WHAT?! factor… LOL

They didn’t let our guests eat until the wedding party showed up, which kind of made me feel bad.  I didn’t know that… so we made them wait forever or I’m sure they thought 🙁

I love to see my mom & dad dancing here!

My grandma made PC’s groom’s cake.  It was a chocolate cake.  Now can you tell it’s supposed to be an Apple Laptop?? 🙂  Neither of us got to try this either….

Cynthia was great, she had these cool refreshment jugs that she let us borrow.

I got on Amazon and found the cake knife/server and fell in love.

My great find for the toasting flutes too.  I paid $8.  Yeah that sounds like I was being cheap, but at the same time… I want to keep them forever but if something happened to them, I didn’t want super expensive ones either.  You can’t see here (I’m not sure anyone got pics of it) but I made special toasting flutes for my wedding party too.  I bought some cheap white wine glasses and some cute designed teal stickers from Michael’s and made them each a special toasting flute.

Wow this is difficult!

We made each other a deal… Don’t cram in each other’s face.
Boy I look like I have a big mouth there… LOL

I got a little in his whiskers but that wasn’t intentional…. I didn’t cram it.

Our first dance was to our song, Blues Man by none other than Hank Williams Jr.(not the Alan Jackson version, nope, the original!)

And while we danced, we sang it to each other… 🙂

Then while we were trying to find my dad for the Father Daughter Dance, we had another Father Daughter dance going on.

My dad and I danced to George Strait, “You Look So Good In Love.”  Yeah it is technically about a guy loosing his girlfriend, but I wanted to waltz with my dad.  Note: Don’t try to waltz in a wedding dress… it’s difficult 🙂

Then the Mother Son Dance

Then the in-law dance. 

The garter toss.  Our best man got the garter 🙂  I love the look on PC’s face.

The bouquet was so headed for PC’s cousin when Shantel (the Best Man’s girlfriend) swooped in from nowhere and about knocked PC’s cousin down.

There were a few more fun shots.

Finally got to get off my feet 😉

My husband!!

This is typical Nicole PC fashion right here people!

wow, doing a dip is hard work now! 🙂

Then we finally got to leave.  I was pooped!  Too bad Mindy didn’t catch me at one point, my feet hurt so I was walking around in this dress and my cowboy boots, but this particular picture (even though you can’t see) I have on my dress shoes 🙂

I told PC not to bring his truck to the reception because I knew it would get creamed.  Sure enough it got it good.  The sucky part is I stuck my hand in either KY Jelly or Vasoline twice.  You think’d I’d have learned.  And there were Condom’s (don’t sue me b/c I said that.. LOL) all over the truck, windshield wipers, they got finger ones and they were all over the inside of the truck on the door locks, the shifter, sprinkled all over, there was something tied on to the receiver hitch, a C-word (LOL) was tied to the antenna (it was funny watching that flying down the road in the wind at 65 mph) writing all over the windows, and even bubbles put into the windshield wiper fluid (thanks to my Dad & Uncle on that one).  See this is why I told him don’t allow your truck to the wedding, PERIOD.  but he let his dad drive it and the minute everyone saw it they were on it like vultures.  My car stayed at our house locked up.

I would have loved to have a few more fun pictures with the whole wedding party.  Most of the photos of the wedding party were just at the church with more formal photos.  But I can’t get a re-do so I guess I’ll just live with it and survive 🙂

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Thought I’d throw that out there now in case you don’t get on tomorrow or whatever.  Have a safe and happy weekend with family!  This is the best time of year!

Peace, Love & receptions 🙂
Again, all photos Greene Photography


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Ah, It's Official

Woohoooo more pictures!  And this is another picture heavy post!  One more of these and I will have been through our wedding!

 Remember the slide show I did?  Well here is PC singing the song to me while watching the photos go through.  I couldn’t see any of this but still I knew :).  He walked both mothers in, took them to light the candles and then escorted them back to their seats and then stood through the 4 minute slide show waiting on yours truly.

We decided to have the guys escort the ladies down the aisle.  When I asked Evelyn if she minded she said, “I love walking down the aisle with this man.”  When I asked Kalem he said, “Do I have to?”… LOL  (ps they are married and have been 11 years)

 Noah, April, PC and I all went to school together.  It cracks me up neither of them are smiling.

Tbug was being a pistol the night of the rehearsal, but she took her job seriously on the day of the wedding.

I was so sad to see there were NO, you heard me, NO pictures of my dad walking me down the aisle.  This is as close as we get :(.

And here’s a classic one… I laughed through the entire ceremony.  Everyone figured I’d be a crier, but I laughed my head off through the entire ceremony.  Some say it was due to nerves… but hey, I wasn’t crying.

See Big Ole’ Smile

Here is when the preacher asked for the rings.  What was given you ask??  Ring Pops.  The preacher held them up and said, “Do I really have to pray over these?”

Lighting our Unity Candle

And then a family Unity Candle

And You may kiss your bride 🙂

May I introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. PC 🙂

Once we got out of the church we embraced each other in a huge hug.

Then we chose to exit everyone.  First my Parents

Then PC’s parents.  Then he escorted his grandma out of the church.  And then we proceeded on back and forth between the guests.

No one heard we were actually leaving the building… which was fine!

When getting ready to decide on what to leave the church in we tossed around a lot of ideas… my uncle’s old truck, a horse and wagon, a limo, my mom’s car, dad’s truck and then it hit us, how about my aunt’s car.  As PC was helping me into the car, he scoffed and said, yeah, like you’d have made it into your mom’s car.  I was laying across the backseat almost… LOL and my mom drives a 2 door sports car…

Here are our two families intertwined. I wish we’d have gotten a shot with my grandparents (would have meant even more now) and PC’s grandma but it didn’t happen 🙁  But my grandpa made it to my wedding and that’s what matters.  He’s there on the front row 🙂

And now our immediate family

And duh, it’s our wedding 😉

Kisses for everyone 🙂

PC with his nephew and daughter.

and because my other grandparents passed away (07 & 08) and PC’s step dad passed away (05, I think) we had a memorial set up for them so they were a part of our wedding day too.

This is in the old High school court yard… you know where we spent a lot of time way back when…
Ok so technically we didn’t hang out in the school yard together but the building was locked up… LOL

“What’s up there?”

This is one of the main entrances.

Ok one more post and I’ll quit bugging you with wedding recaps.  Hope you’ve enjoyed so far.  I’ve been happy and disappointed both in our pictures… some I asked for, like PC’s face the minute he saw me walk down the aisle, I didn’t get or my dad walking me down the aisle, or I noticed looking that the pics of PC, me & Greg & Tim (brothers from another mother) aren’t in the 366 photos I went through… I’m still holding out.  We’ll see 🙁

Peace, Love & Wedding Photos 🙂
All photos courtesy of Greene Photography


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Let's Get This Show On The Road!!

So I’ve FINALLY gotten more photos from our photographer.  This wedding recap has been so long and drawn out… but we’re getting there!  Yey!

So Warning, this post is PHOTO HEAVY.  Sorry.  There are 28 photos.  I thought about breaking it up into two posts but I decided against it in the end.  Hope you enjoy!

The wedding was at 11am.  It’s a long story as to how we got that time, but hey it all worked out.  The bad part was, we were at the hair studio (Works of Art) getting our hair fixed at 7am.  I usually am not awake and coherent until about 10am, ask my co-worker’s who talk to me at 8am 🙂

I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but I have a ton of hair.  And you remember how we made it really blonde??  The day of the wedding the underneath dark side mixed in with the blonde and it didn’t look so blonde, Score!

I didn’t have a hair trial.  Paula had me bring in a few shots for my hair and the girls hair and said we’ll see you Saturday.

I really like the side ponytails so that’s how I had them do April & Evelyn’s hair.

See, I look awake huh?

They were laughing at me because supposedly I was the calmest bride they’d ever seen.  I was content with my Cherry Coke and my iPhone if I wasn’t talking.

Not only does Evelyn have a bunch of hair but it’s super long too!

The lady who did my make-up also worked on Evelyn’s hair (my lady also worked on Evelyn’s hair).  It was a trade off 🙂

See, NOT Wowzer’s Blonde! 🙂

No idea what I was looking at.

My friend Aerielle did Tbug’s hair for us.

Now this is where I thought about breaking it into a second post… but figured, what the heck… I’m known for picture heavy posts anyway… why not 🙂

Here is my dress.  This shot does absolutely NOTHING for it.

And I like bling!  This had enough to satisfy me but I didn’t look outrageously over-done either!

My mom made my garter’s for me (keep and toss).  The keep one was extremely heavy and I swore by the end of the day it’d be around my ankle but it never fell.  They were both gorgeous.  And my pretty blue shoes 🙂

Evelyn made matching garter’s for all of us to wear and she gave me mine on the cute sheep.  Our photographer actually used my dress as the backdrop… notice??

And I joined in on the “I Do” on the bottom of my shoes.

More dress detail.

I’m not sure if our photographer thought we’d tied our rings to the pillow or what, but there are no shots of our actual rings :(.  These rings on the pillow aren’t real.  PC’s mom went to an auction and got a crapton (yup my word again) of jewelry and she let me have these rings.  That way we didn’t have to worry about our rings getting lost.  However we didn’t get any shots of our rings 🙁

So once we got to the church I put on my undergarments (or as I called it, the tummy sucker inner thingy).  But I was in one room and my dress was in another so I put my shorts and shirt back on so that I could go to the room my dress was in and my guests wouldn’t see me 🙂

This was my bouquet.  Through all the photos I’ve seen, this is one of the only photos of it 🙁

Then I got to strip down and get in my dress… woohooo 🙂

And they told me to hold it up so they could lace me in.  I love the placement of my hands… LOL  Evelyn was tucking the holding strings in… I love the look on her face.

The back of my dress.

Then it was time to put the shoes on.

The flower was a last minute addition and mom really thought it would just be for the reception but we just decided to place it in when we put the veil on.

I was actually supposed to take my veil and flower to the hair studio and forgot.  Remember I’m not real coherent at 6:20am…

This is kind of random… but here is our guest book.  We went with the signed photograph because the other would probably just collect dust on our shelf.

All photos taken by Greene Photography.


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September 4, 1954

July 21, 1921 a family in middle Michigan welcomed their second child into the world.  They now had a family of four, Father, Mother, Daughter and son.  Later this family would welcome 3 more daughters into their family.  Once the depression was in full swing, the father couldn’t take it anymore and left his family.  After their son finished his 8th grade education and his mother working many jobs to support her family, the son, the now man of the house, ended his education and he joined the work force to help his mother and his family out financially.

Twelve years later in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on February 5, 1933 a family of three, a mother, father and son welcome the newest baby girl into their family.  Five short years later she would lose her father to pneumonia, one month before Penicillin was FDA approved.

The son later went on to serve his country, joining the military during WWII.

She went on to graduate from high school and attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  She was the only female dental student in her class.  The summer before her final year in school she was waiting tables at a truckstop outside of Ann Arbor when he walked in the door.

It must have been love at first sight because 6 short weeks later they went into Indiana and were married.

He was 33 years old, she was only 21.  She entered a pre-made family becoming an instant step mother to a 12 year old boy.

Her family was displeased with her because she never finished college, married a “homely” man who had an already made family but she never looked back; at that time men took care of their families and two income families were unheard of.

They went on to have two more daughters to give them a family of five.  Her mother finally accepted her husband when the first child was born.

They were married 53 years.


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June 10, 1950

August 28, 1928 in a town near Peoria, Illinois a bounding baby boy entered the world to a single mother.  Three years later his sister was to follow.  It was said they both had the same father and the family knew who the father was, but the mother and father weren’t married, something that was unheard of in those times.  A few years down the road when the boy was 6 and his sister was 3, his mother loaded them up into a car and drove them in to an orphanage in St. Louis with her to never be seen or heard from again.

On July 30, 1932 a mother and father in rural southwest Missouri welcomed a baby girl into their family.  She was the fourth girl and the fifth child.  They lost their first to an oil lantern explosion at an early age and had one more, a son after the last baby girl born.

An older husband and wife decided that they wanted a family.  They headed to St. Louis to an orphanage in search of a child to call their own.  A six year old little boy stood out to them.  They loaded him up and moved him to their home, 4 hours from that orphanage in St. Louis, his life would never be the same again.

That young man went on to lead a greater childhood than he could have possibly imagined.  He always remembered his previous life and sometimes wondered why it happened that way, but loved his mom and dad and never looked back.  His senior year of high school WWII was in full swing.  He dropped out of high school to join the Navy and defend his country.  He wound up getting his GED through the Navy.

That girl we spoke of previously, went on to graduate from high school in 1949.

At a revival held at the Town’s memorial hall, the girl and her sisters and cousins were singing.  Her older sister was dating a guy who had come to watch her sing.  He brought with him a group of friends.  In that group of friends was this boy, who wore a Red wool shirt and a pair of blue jeans.  The girl caught his eyes and when she and her sister walked past him, he complimented her on her ankles.  He was an ankle man.

Soon after the couple were married in her parents house under her father’s stuffed Moose head on June 10, 1950

This lovely couple went on to have 4 children, a son, twin daughters and another son.

They have been married for 60 years


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50 Reasons – I LOVE YOU!

 I did this list a year ago (oooo almost to the day, it was done November 12), however I added different photos this time around.  I’m STILL waiting on my main photographer’s photos [sigh] so I’m sharing some of the back up photographer’s photos, and some PC’s dad took.  There is one that I snagged from the Main photographer.  I’ll try not to do this every month but definitely NO promises 🙂  You may just have to endure it 🙂  Can you believe it’s been 2 months already?

1 I love you, that’s reason enough.
2 The way you treat me, I feel like a princess around you… I get the royal treatment!
3 You have gorgeous blue eyes.
4 Kisses!!

Taylor Orr

5 Hugs!! 
6 How you greet me when I’ve had a bad day at work!
7 How you listen to me, even if I’m off on a ranting and raving tangent.
8 How can we forget the gorgous truck!!!
9 That I get in trouble if I open my own door 🙂

Taylor Orr

10 That you love my parents and spending time with them.
11 That you love the fact I love horses!
12 Actually that you yourself Love horses!!!
13 The fact that you served our country.

(as did these guys)
Taylor Orr

14 And how you over look my silly mistakes.

Taylor Orr

15 How handsome you look dressed up!

Our Old High School where it all began 10 years ago….
Mindy Greene – Main Photographer

16 And the fact you like to dress up.
17 You also trust my clothing tastes.
18 You are very determined.
19 A Hardworker!!
20 and Extremely smart!!!
21 Of course you are my P.C. (Prince Charming & computer tech person) 🙂
22 You humor me and take photos with me :).

PC’s Dad

23 You don’t get mad at me for taking your photo.
24 You help around the house.
25 You love spending time with me.
26 Have I mentioned that I love you yet just cause??
27 You were there when I needed you the most!
28 There’s always Florida!
29 and hitting you in school to wake you up…
30 You take everything that comes your way and roll with the punches.

Taylor Orr

31 That you would rather drive by yourself late at night then for me to drive myself home late at night.
32 You are always willing to learn something new with me.
33 and stay up to date on what few tv shows I actually watch.
34 And another obvious, the way you love me… 🙂

 Yeah I was doing the Robot while people were making up their minds…
Taylor Orr

35 You can out do me any day on song lyrics!
36 You want nothing but the best for me.

Taylor Orr

37 You don’t scoff at some of my crazy ideas either.
38 I even love when you get adamant about something.

Taylor Orr

39 You have an outstanding singing voice.
40 You take notice of every thing I wear! It makes me feel special and definitely want to dress up for you!!! 
41 The way you love me (yes it’s twice but that’s just something extremely exciting and worthy of mentioning more than once!)
42 You have a heart of Gold.
43 You Take care of your own family too!

Taylor Orr

44 You Love animals!!
45 You are tackling my horse when no one else seems to have time!
46 You are you and not putting on a show!
47 You brought Tbug into my life!

Taylor Orr

48 You are a GREAT father!!
49 How you get embarrassed by the cute things your daughter says to me and my family!
50 and Last but not least the #1 most important thing is I love you, that’s it, no ifs ands or butts about it!!!!


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The Morning Of, Behind the Scenes

Ok I had to go a while and get away from the wedding.  But I’m back.  Although it won’t be hardcore either.   (aka The professional pictures have started appearing magically! haha).  All the pictures in this post are actually taken by PC’s dad but I was just saving them for this point.

I’ll start with the guys first.  Man the whole time I was at the hair studio and then in the room waiting, I so wondered what the guys were up to.  I also thought having 2 photographers, better yet one male and one female, that I’d get some photos of the guys.  Mindy stayed with the girls and I’m not sure where Taylor was (I was in a room far off) so luckily PC’s dad jumped in and got photos of the guys getting ready for me.

One of the surprises I didn’t and couldn’t tell you about (b/c PC reads my blog religiously) was that I had 3 cards.  I had bought them years ago.  They each had meaning but at the time I bought them, I wasn’t even dating anyone, I just felt the need to buy them, so I did.  I put them in a box and put them away.  A couple weeks before the wedding it finally dawned on me why I bought these cards and what I needed to do with them.  I signed each one and labeled them with times.  One was to be delivered to him at 8am, one at 9am and the third which also contained a personal letter from me was to be delivered at 10am.  I gave them to my mom and put her in charge.  I didn’t care who took them to him as long as he received them in the particular order I sent them and that he opened them right then and there and read them.  Here he is reading one of his cards.

I’m sure most of his morning was spent playing on the iPad.  That’s my baby!!
Eventually though it was time for them to start getting ready.

Last day of Chicago

Tired of Chicago yet ;)… haha…. The morning we went to leave and come home (Wednesday, yes we had a short honeymoon, PC had to be back to work on Thursday) we went and ate breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts. We wanted a photo frame to bring home and hadn’t bought one yet, so we went to Michigan Ave and found a souvenir store. They weren’t open yet so we walked on to the Chicago River just to kill some time.

PC at the Chicago River

Us at the Chicago River

Me at the Chicago River