Last day of Chicago

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Tired of Chicago yet ;)… haha…. The morning we went to leave and come home (Wednesday, yes we had a short honeymoon, PC had to be back to work on Thursday) we went and ate breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts. We wanted a photo frame to bring home and hadn’t bought one yet, so we went to Michigan Ave and found a souvenir store. They weren’t open yet so we walked on to the Chicago River just to kill some time.

PC at the Chicago River

Us at the Chicago River

Me at the Chicago River

After we bought the frame we headed back to our hotel, grabbed our bags and boarded the L.

I really wanted a shot of graffiti but didn’t have a fast enough finger snapper… LOL

This is at the airport. We decided to eat lunch and boy are we glad we did!

Somewhere between Chicago and Atlanta

I thought this was cool looking.

I forgot I had the camera zoomed in…

On our flight to Atlanta.

We played this most of all our flights.

Closer to Atlanta we got, the rougher the ride because there were storms happening.

I think I scared him 🙂

I was so tired, I was trying to keep myself awake.

We look exhausted in this photo.

There’s Atlanta.

I didn’t get the shot fast enough but the guy in the orange… he was doing pushup’s waiting for us.

So when we got to the Atlanta airport they dumped us off in the middle of Concourse B. Atlanta has multiple concourses that are 1 mile apart with an underground “subway” to get from concourse to concourse or you can walk the mile. We ran to the subway and jumped on headed to concourse C. Once we got there our gate was clear at the other end, Go figure. We were walking fairly fast when an announcement came on that said:”To ensure that all flights take off on time, please be at your gate 30 minutes before boarding time.”

We laughed and said, not possible. Our flight we got off of couldn’t pull into the gate b/c we were waiting on another flight to leave…

Then the very next announcement was:

“Flight #### (don’t ask me the number) headed to NW Arkansas you should be on the plane now.”

I yelled, “Oh Sh*t!” and “Move out of my way.” while halfway jumping over someone’s luggage and PC and I took off running for the plane.

I guess those lessons you learn in Kindergarten about not running don’t apply when it comes to airports 🙂

Once we were home PC had to go back to work but I had enough vacation that I took off the rest of the week. I spent the rest of my (our) honeymoon moving stuff out of my parents house into ours.

Peace, Love & running!

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