The Finale of the Shindig

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Finally, we’ve made it to the Reception.  Again it’s picture heavy, I’m not breaking them up into different posts :).  That’s my prerogative 🙂  I think there are 27 photos here 🙂  All taken by the main photographer.

The week of the wedding my mom’s friend Cynthia devoted her whole week to helping my mom.  They made these cream cheese mints and then put the flowers on top of them.  I never did get to try one… LOL

Here is our cake.  The only bite that PC and I got of the entire thing (the top is in the freezer) was the bite we fed to each other.  I had our cake lady do something surprising… she made a funfetti cake.  Not the traditional white.  I think the middle layer might have been chocolate but I don’t remember, all I remember was I chose funfetti just for the WHAT?! factor… LOL

They didn’t let our guests eat until the wedding party showed up, which kind of made me feel bad.  I didn’t know that… so we made them wait forever or I’m sure they thought 🙁

I love to see my mom & dad dancing here!

My grandma made PC’s groom’s cake.  It was a chocolate cake.  Now can you tell it’s supposed to be an Apple Laptop?? 🙂  Neither of us got to try this either….

Cynthia was great, she had these cool refreshment jugs that she let us borrow.

I got on Amazon and found the cake knife/server and fell in love.

My great find for the toasting flutes too.  I paid $8.  Yeah that sounds like I was being cheap, but at the same time… I want to keep them forever but if something happened to them, I didn’t want super expensive ones either.  You can’t see here (I’m not sure anyone got pics of it) but I made special toasting flutes for my wedding party too.  I bought some cheap white wine glasses and some cute designed teal stickers from Michael’s and made them each a special toasting flute.

Wow this is difficult!

We made each other a deal… Don’t cram in each other’s face.
Boy I look like I have a big mouth there… LOL

I got a little in his whiskers but that wasn’t intentional…. I didn’t cram it.

Our first dance was to our song, Blues Man by none other than Hank Williams Jr.(not the Alan Jackson version, nope, the original!)

And while we danced, we sang it to each other… 🙂

Then while we were trying to find my dad for the Father Daughter Dance, we had another Father Daughter dance going on.

My dad and I danced to George Strait, “You Look So Good In Love.”  Yeah it is technically about a guy loosing his girlfriend, but I wanted to waltz with my dad.  Note: Don’t try to waltz in a wedding dress… it’s difficult 🙂

Then the Mother Son Dance

Then the in-law dance. 

The garter toss.  Our best man got the garter 🙂  I love the look on PC’s face.

The bouquet was so headed for PC’s cousin when Shantel (the Best Man’s girlfriend) swooped in from nowhere and about knocked PC’s cousin down.

There were a few more fun shots.

Finally got to get off my feet 😉

My husband!!

This is typical Nicole PC fashion right here people!

wow, doing a dip is hard work now! 🙂

Then we finally got to leave.  I was pooped!  Too bad Mindy didn’t catch me at one point, my feet hurt so I was walking around in this dress and my cowboy boots, but this particular picture (even though you can’t see) I have on my dress shoes 🙂

I told PC not to bring his truck to the reception because I knew it would get creamed.  Sure enough it got it good.  The sucky part is I stuck my hand in either KY Jelly or Vasoline twice.  You think’d I’d have learned.  And there were Condom’s (don’t sue me b/c I said that.. LOL) all over the truck, windshield wipers, they got finger ones and they were all over the inside of the truck on the door locks, the shifter, sprinkled all over, there was something tied on to the receiver hitch, a C-word (LOL) was tied to the antenna (it was funny watching that flying down the road in the wind at 65 mph) writing all over the windows, and even bubbles put into the windshield wiper fluid (thanks to my Dad & Uncle on that one).  See this is why I told him don’t allow your truck to the wedding, PERIOD.  but he let his dad drive it and the minute everyone saw it they were on it like vultures.  My car stayed at our house locked up.

I would have loved to have a few more fun pictures with the whole wedding party.  Most of the photos of the wedding party were just at the church with more formal photos.  But I can’t get a re-do so I guess I’ll just live with it and survive 🙂

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Thought I’d throw that out there now in case you don’t get on tomorrow or whatever.  Have a safe and happy weekend with family!  This is the best time of year!

Peace, Love & receptions 🙂
Again, all photos Greene Photography


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