Book Review: Sparking Sara – Samantha Christy

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After reading Igniting Ivy I was leery to read this next book. While reading Igniting Ivy I kept wondering who was going to be the next firefighter to have a book. I had it narrowed down to 3 candidates and this one was one of my 3 choices. I love that it was Denver in fact. Especially because you saw part of his story in Stealing Sawyer. We got more of the story and we were able to watch it all unfold. I was cool with that!

Sparking Sara by Samantha Christy

Three years of her life are gone in an instant.

Her memories of becoming a famous artist – forgotten.
Of the falling out with her best friend – lost.
Of her charming boyfriend – erased.

The doctors tell us getting Sara back into her normal routine is what’s best for her.
But what happens when she doesn’t want her old normal?

Some would say I’m trying to save ghosts from my past.
I think they’re wrong.

Maybe all of them are wrong.
Maybe the best thing for Sara is me.

Sparking Sara can be read as a standalone romance. It is book two in a series that follows a group of firefighters.


It is ironic that she forgets the worst part of her life. You’ll eventually learn what’s going on as pieces get filled in. I really liked this storyline though. There were a few weirdnesses that didn’t quite make sense. I also love that we finally learn Denver’s story fully. And that two people come together over a tragic incident.

I get you can’t always choose what you will and won’t remember, it’s just weird that the worst time in her life is the one she forgets. I just really liked this book though.

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