Book Review: Igniting Ivy – Samantha Christy

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This book ticked me off. In all the female characters and even some of the male characters that Samantha Christy writes, they overthink, over-analyze, and sometimes are just a total pain in the butt. I wanted to scream at Ivy. She really upset me. She was being stupid. I’m glad that she was a book character and not a real-life person. She might need a bitch slap (pardon my language). I’m just glad that there is a man on the cover of this book! And by the way, one thing I love about Samantha Christy’s writing… you see both main character perspectives.

Igniting Ivy by Samantha Christy

They call me a hero.
I save people. It’s what I do.
It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.

Then I meet her – the girl with the sad eyes.
She’s lost everything. Twice.
And I know she’s using me to forget her past.

Just when things seem perfect, that past threatens with the unimaginable.

They may call me a hero.
But she’s the one person I can’t save.


All my thoughts give away too much information. I think this was one of my least favorite books by Samantha Christy. I also wasn’t so keen on Stone Promises… the one I can’t ever remember. I have a hard time remembering that book as well as those characters.

I’m just not a fan of this book. I liked Bass. He was the protector. He’d been hurt and he understood, but gosh… Ivy was a horrible character. Sorry.

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