Book Review: Stealing Sawyer – Samantha Christy

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This was an interesting book to me. After reading Catching Caden and Benching Brady, I really wondered what the story was about Sawyer. Now… the name Sawyer always had me believing it was a black guy. No racism there, just that’s how I saw him in my head. Looking at the cover of this book, I’m wrong. I really could have used a description reminder of him more than once while reading this book… haha.

Stealing Sawyer – Samantha Christy

I hired her to be my girlfriend.
To fix my reputation.
To save my career.

It’s not that I don’t want a girlfriend. I do. I want it all. Wife, kids, side-by-side burial plots.
The problem is – I can’t have any of it.
So I’ve made myself untouchable. The quintessential bachelor of baseball.
Because it’s not worth the risk. Not even for someone, I love.
Especially not for someone I love.

We made the arrangements.
We agreed to a contract.
It’s ironclad.
No sex. No love. No future.

What could possibly go wrong?


So here’s the thing… of course she’s going to wind up with him. Now the story will be how they get from point a to point z. That’s all it boils down to. I liked this book. After reading 3 books about baseball, I’m now wanting to be a baseball fan. I want to know the superstitions behind everything each of the players does. If you ask, I’d be a Kansas City Royals fan. Maybe St. Louis Cardinals, but I like KC better so I’d probably stick to KC. Silly reasoning, right?

It was a good book. It also helped lead to the next series that Samantha Christy wrote. BAM. 

I think out of all of this series, the baseball series, my favorite is Caden/Murphy’s story. So we shall see what the next series brings.

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