Book Review: Benching Brady – Samantha Christy

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I’m truly ready to see these books made into movies. Janet Evanovich in her first Stephanie Plum book made a car blow up because she said that was “Hollywood.” Well… I saw “Hollywood” in Purple Orchids. I got to thinking earlier today that I wonder if the title of the book will make it or break it for Hollywood? Now granted they can change the name of the book when it gets made into a film, but still… I wonder…

This is definitely one of them I want to see made into a movie. But I say that and then I think back to some of the other books and well… I want them made into movies too.

**Picks up phone

Me: Hello Hollywood, I would like to request these books be made into movies. Thanks!

If only it were that easy.

Benching Brady – Samantha Christy

They are how I’ve learned to cope.

But then life throws me a curveball.
And I may never play the game I love again.

Then I meet her.
She represents everything I’ve lost.
In the best and worst of ways.

She may be the only one who can get me back into the game.
And I’m not just talking about baseball.

Read this sexy romance now!

Benching Brady is a standalone romance. It is Book Two in The Perfect Game Series.

Books one is Catching Caden.

Samantha Christy’s collections:

The Mitchell Sisters series

The Stone Brothers series

The Perfect Game series


It is a toss-up between Caden and Brady, Murphy and Riley as to who my favorite characters are. Seriously. I loved both stories. I think Samantha Christy is getting better at this. And wow, the loops that were thrown in this book. I didn’t quite see either one of them coming. And just when I thought I had this book figured out… there was another loop. A fast turn. It says Brady loved fast cars, well… you got fast changes in this book.

Surely Hallmark could pick these up and leave out the sex scenes somehow? Anyone? Bueller? Okay… it was worth a shot at least

One thing I am noticing is most of the female characters are petite. I am not petite at all. I’m not ginormous, but in these books I wouldn’t stand a chance.

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