Courtyard by Marriott – Clarksville, TN

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Do you remember that my husband was military? Army in fact. A long time ago. Long before I was in the picture, but kind of not really. I was in the picture in high school, then I was out, and now I’m back again. Okay, anyway, moving on.

When you’re in the army, you form a brotherhood. You get brothers and sisters who have your back and they have yours. Why? Because you guys are all joining together to do one thing, defend our country and our freedoms. My husband has a couple guys who have served that purpose for him. And two of them happen to be twins. Isn’t that fun? I can also mention that in the last 2 weeks I have seen both of them… and they both live in different places.

One has recently moved about an hour from us while the other still lives at the Army base in Oak Grove, Kentucky/Ft. Campbell. If you ask my husband, that area is called Tuckasee because you are on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. In fact, the army base is in both states, it just registers as Kentucky because that’s the side the post office is on.

Anyway, I might be getting a little off topic. It happens. A couple weeks ago we headed to Metropolis, Illinois to go SCUBA diving. One of my husband’s brothers is sick. He could use all the prayers he can get, trust me! But being in Metropolis, we were only 2 hours from seeing him if that… so we schemed with his wife behind his back to show up on his doorstep to see him.

In fact, I thought it would be fun to send him random text messages of his house to show we were there. The silly guy was playing WOW so he wasn’t paying attention to his phone very much and Krissy had to make him look.

Clarksville, Tennessee

There really isn’t anywhere to stay in Oak Grove, so we went across the line into Tennessee for a hotel. Tim’s exit is 89. There are 94 in Kentucky and then you cross over the line. We went to exit 4.

Courtyard by Marriott – Clarksville

Since hubby knows the area really well because he lived there for so many years, I let him make the arrangements. He chose to stay at a Courtyard by Marriott.

Guys, this was a really nice hotel. No one is paying me to say that. No one comped our stay. I’m just flat out telling you, this was a really nice room.

It was hubby, my MIL, Abug, and me so we went with a double queen bed. The beds were nice. There were two types of pillows on the bed, soft and firm. I took my own pillow with me though. Remember, I’m kind of weird about pillows and truthfully, I still haven’t found one I like.

When we walked in, the tv was set up so if you wanted to watch Netflix (if you have an account) or Hulu (again, if you have an account), etc or you can watch regular tv. We part took in a couple of those… Why not try it out, right?

A coffee bar as well as a refrigerator.

And a nice shower. Guys, this shower was very nice. I guess it was a nice bathroom too… lol. But that shower. Baby girl wanted to take a bath but we weren’t in the hotel enough for her to try that. Usually, it was late when we got there and early when we left. We were there after all to see Tim.

Now, we also went into the pool for the little one. She’s a fish after all. The pool was friggin cold! So we went to the hot tub. The hot tub was nice. The pool and the hot tub allowed people with disabilities to get in as well. Guys, this hotel was nice. It also had a workout room. I should have tried it out… but some days I’m lazy. haha.

Now, to end this, if you are willing to pray, please pray for Tim, his family, and his extended family (which includes my husband and our family!). He’s really sick and it’s not looking good. I’m scared. If Tim read this and saw I put this out here, he might yell at me. haha! So Tim, if you’re reading this… How ’bout them yankees? (he gets the reference!)

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