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I’m just going to throw this out there… Pulling in the driveway and seeing this view isn’t a good sign!

And after about 15 minutes or so of beating on things (not really sure they were beating but I’m sure they wanted to) they’re off! And by they I mean hubby this time…

Dad went to open the gate to get hubby into a different pasture. The cows are such nosey buggers… haha.

Once upon a time my grandparents had an automatic gate opener on their gate. I walked this field multiple times one day trying to find my dad’s gate opener. We did eventually find it. It took a while though. This is only a 6 acre field but when you’re looking for something about the size of your cell phone and black but you can’t call it… this field felt like a million acres.

So what exactly were we up to? Spreading fertilizer to help increase maximum yield. After we got this spread then we started praying for rain. This was Saturday. We finally got a little rain on Monday. Rain is a good thing. It helps to settle this into the ground. Now we wait and see. Farming really is a waiting game with a lot of prayer involved. Hello Spring!

Abug got to ride around with daddy a little bit, but between the fevers and being at the hospital last week, we didn’t want to push our limits.

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