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Do you have that recipe that is near and dear to your heart? How about that recipe that your grandma or your great grandma wrote and you don’t want to lose…

Well have I got an idea for you… At our house that recipe is my grandma’s corn casserole. Truth be told, this grandma passed away in 2007, but I lucked out and she wrote the recipe down in her handwriting. That recipe is so dear to my heart because of that.

Since then we’ve made sure to incorporate it into a lot of family meals, because well it’s a way to keep grandma’s spirit alive. But how about another really cool way to keep grandma’s spirit alive… Why not frame it?

So for my birthday I asked for a photo frame. Initially when I did, I figured a 5×7 or maybe a 4×6, but my mom got me an 8×10. Well the recipe paper wasn’t that large so I started thinking, what to do, what to do?? Then it hit me. Why not use my photoshop skills…

I scanned in the recipe and then went on the hunt for a photo of grandma. Turns out I found a recipe of my grandma and grandpa (who we lost 9 months later). I actually found a few different pictures of me with both of my grandparents so I had to narrow it down to one (although I could have definitely done more if I’d have wanted….).

Finally I searched google for scrapbook paper background. My grandparents made their living by raising/selling/showing Arabian horses, so horses was what I went in search of.

I opened photoshop, created a new document, added my recipe and photo, saved as an 8×10 photo and bam, I was ready to print.

Once I printed my document, I placed it into my birthday present photo frame, and now it is hanging in my kitchen on display.

My next goal was I hit up my other grandma and told her I needed her to write up her roll recipe for me so I could do the same thing. I don’t have a photo frame for it yet, but by george, she came through for me and I put my skills to work again. I’m so pleased with how they came out!!

*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

2 thoughts on “Frame Family Recipes/Home Decor

  1. That is a neat idea! I have quite a few of my Grandmothers handwritten recipe cards and have noticed some are starting to fade so that would be a good way to preserve them I think.

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