Maria’s Mexican Grill and Cantina {Joplin, MO}

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I’m sitting here in my nice air-conditioned house, under a ceiling fan that makes the room feel nice thinking about taking a nap. But this time last Friday, I was in the Hot. Hot. sun. Why you might ask? Well, Horses gotta eat! That’s right, I was out in the hayfield helping my dad and husband pick up 189 bales of hay. I have no idea why we didn’t get 190 or 200, but we got 189.

After we picked up the hay, we delivered 10 bales to some friends before diving into their pool. While the pool was a nice 90 degrees, so you didn’t cool off, it was still nice to hop in for a swim. I’ll bet in the same conditions our pool was maybe 84 max. Our pool is never warm!

Anyway, close to 9 pm, we realized it was getting late and we still hadn’t eaten yet so we dried off and headed to Maria’s Mexican Grill before rushing off to fight the crowds at Walmart. Fun Friday night, right? Hey, I don’t mind hauling hay!! and a dip in the pool and dinner was GREAT. It was the Walmart part I might have liked to have avoided.

Anyway while at Maria’s I decided to order Beef Nachos. Oh, goodness was this a tasty choice. Chips, good, cheese, good, beef good, and the toppings, YUM. Although I heard it was bad manners to say yum but I just can’t help myself. Yum! Truthfully this sounds good just sitting here thinking about it. Oh goodness… Mark, Beef Nachos Stat!

*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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